The Greatest Eclipse of All Time

As many in the USA enjoy the marvelous sight of a total solar eclipse, they should remember the following startling facts:

The Chinese magi saw this sign on May 10 AD 31 …

And from that they predicted this, which happened two years later April 3 AD 33 …

In AD 31 on May 10th a strange eclipse occurred over the capital Loyang in China of the Later Han Dynasty. The Chinese magi had not expected an eclipse on this day, which was the last day in the 60-day moon-cycle. The Emperor Guangwudi was worried. He thought it meant something bad. The magi consulted their books, and a few days later declared their findings. “It means ‘A Heavenly Man falls dead’ your Majesty!”

The Emperor was more worried than ever as he himself was called the Sainted One and so were his high officers in the Court. Quickly he decreed these titles must be abandoned rightaway! He must not be the “Heavenly Man” who was shown by this eclipse to be about to die.

Still the magi were not satisfied. They went back to their books and studies. Several days later they came out to the public and made an even more startling declaration. The “Heavenly Man” referred to by this sign of the eclipse must still “fall dead”! It would not indeed be the Emperor or some high official. No, it would be THE HEAVENLY MAN himself, the great Cosmic Adam, whom they called Pangu, from whose body and by whose work the whole universe was created in the beginning, including the separation of the two bipolar Principles of the Universe, the Yin and the Yang, representing earth and heaven, down and up, female and male, evil and good, and all the opposite sides of the natural order!

When this Heavenly Man died, according to the prediction, they declared, there would be a supernatural blacking out of the sun as well as an eclipse of the moon, the like of which none had seen before, as these two events can never normally happen at the same time. The Emperor and the people were stunned into silence.

But two years later on April 3 AD 33, an event unfolded far away in Judaea, in the eastern Roman Empire, and their amazing prediction was fulfilled. Jesus the Messiah, the great Cosmic Adam Himself, the Creator of the Universe, was condemned to death on the cross of Calvary. And as He died there on the cross, the earth was rocked off its axis, the sun disappeared below the horizon, and the moon shot across the sky, its face disfigured by the shadow of an eclipse.

Just as the eastern magi predicted the arrival of the Messiah on earth by the observation of the Star of Bethlehem, so the oriental magi predicted by the sign of heaven in AD 31 the terrible death of the Son of God and the greatest dual eclipse of the sun and moon which accompanied it. The world, as they declared, has never been the same since the day of that great Cosmic Sacrifice

For the amazing details of this event go to the following link:

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  1. I am surprised by those claims of the Chinese eclipse, the date of 10th. of May, 31 AD, and their interpretation. Can you kindly provide your sources, that can be independently verified? Thanks.

  2. Hello,
    I’m afraid I didn’t understand what happened with the moon and the eclipse on April, 3, AD33.
    Can you clarify, please?
    What exactly do you mean by “the moon was shot across the sky”? (sorry, English is not my native language).
    How was there an eclipse if the sun had disappeared below the horizon?

  3. Thank you for your inquiry. Greetings and blessings in Jesus! Yes, the historical details are given at the following page on our site: But as you might have problems with the technical English — I can summarize here:
    There was a total eclipse of the sun in AD 31 May 10 observable in China but not in the Roman Empire (and therefore not in Judaea or Jerusalem which formed part of the Roman Empire at that time). This eclipse was accompanied by very unusual events, like darkening of the sky at noon so that stars appeared, and these unusual events continued during following years. In AD 33 April 3 (Roman or Julian calendar), precisely when Jesus was crucified, that same darkening re-occurred, also huge earthquakes shook various parts of the Roman world, including Judaea, and the earth was actually shaken off its axis for approx. 3 hours. This can be determined because the sun disappeared below the horizon at noon in Judaea, and remained invisible for approx. 3 hours, meaning the earth had tilted. This was not a normal eclipse, because it was in the middle of the lunar month, when the moon is opposite the sun in the sky, not covering the sun as the moon does during a normal solar eclipse. When the moon is in this position opposite the sun (as it was at the Crucifixion), it can often itself be darkened by the shadow of the earth, and it was so darkened on this occasion. This occurs because the earth is standing between the sun (on one side of the sky), and the moon (on the opposite side of the sky) so the shadow of the earth can pass over the moon’s disk if the sun, the earth and the moon, in that order, are all in a direct line. When the earth tilted at the time of the Crucifixion, the sun instantly disappeared below the horizon at noonday, and the moon (with the shadow of the earth across its face) appeared to shoot up higher in the sky (it was normally near the eastern horizon at that particular time), making the shadowed moon more visible. So what happened at the Crucifixion was an eclipse of the moon (a darkening of the moon’s surface by the earth’s shadow), and the disappearance of the sun below the horizon, plus earthquakes, darkening of the sky etc. etc. As I said, this was not a normal eclipse of the sun by the moon, but the ancient Romans and Greeks sometimes called a blackening of the sun’s light (however caused) an “eclipse” (literally the word means a failure of the sun’s light), and some accounts therefore called this unusual disappearance of the sun an “eclipse”. The original eclipse of AD 31 was a normal solar eclipse, and that was when the abnormal darkening of the sky etc. was noticed in China. I suggest the reason for this was an asteroid impact on the moon in AD 31, which caused rocks and moon dust to fly off the moon into space, where they continued to cause problems on earth, like the tilting of the earth by meteorite impacts in AD 33. I hope this answers your questions. If not fire away again and I’ll give it another go.

  4. Every 3600 years (so I’ve read throughout the past 4 years in all kinds of places..) PLANET X or Nibiru. A solar system consisting of 7 planets in total comes into our solar system at an elliptical orbit. This causes a great disruption within the whole of Our entire systems magnetosphere (each planets magnetosphere is connected at x-points) and to sum it all up as quick and easy I can- this event cause Earth as well as all our other planets to be flipped. The poles reverse. Look it up. Check it out don’t let it drive u into insanity ok cause … I had issues about it but I’ve come to a point of acceptance and peace with it LOL. Have a merry Christmas or what ever you wanna call it 🙂

  5. Thank you my friend for your interesting point of view. If Nibiru is a spiritual entity rather than a physical one, there might be something in it, but since I believe the Word of God, the Bible, I have to find it in the Word before putting faith in it. Certainly there is a figure of 3,600 years in the Bible, which you can read about at the following link: I understand that the magnetic poles flip after a certain interval also, but I wouldn’t have thought it was in a regular cycle of 3,600 years. Still, maybe you can tell me more about Nibiru. As regards merry “Christmas” I would prefer to call it Dies Solis Invicti, the Day of the Unconquered Sun (meaning the pagan sun-god Mithras), as that is what it really is — a pagan sun-festival. Shalom!

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