An open letter to President Duterte — The Ecclesiastes 3:11 light experiment proves God exists

Greetings and blessings in Jesus’ Name, President Duterte.

I heard recently in the news (I don’t know whether the report was factual or not) that you would resign from your office if anyone could prove the existence of God to you. I have no desire to see you resign as you seem to be doing a very good job!

However, I can assure you the existence of God has recently been scientifically proved. This is in the light experiment which foxed Einstein years ago.

He had a major problem with deciding whether light was particles or waves. That is because when photons (basically light beams) are projected through two slits onto a back screen they leave patterns characteristic of waves. However, when a human observer moves in between the slits and the screen to observe more closely, the pattern left on the screen is characteristic of particles.

This was a conundrum Einstein was unable to solve. Until the 1990s of last century it remained a problem, but then advances in technology allowed a complicated set of equipment to divide the photons off after they went through the slits and before they hit the back screen.

This array led to the following amazing discovery: when the photons, having passed through the two slits, were so directed towards the screen that they could be observed and analyzed they were characteristic of particles, but if they were so directed that they could not be observed and analyzed, they were characteristic of waves!


YES, that is so! That means in turn, that no matter where that light beam originated, however many millions or billions of years ago it started out from some distant light source, an Intelligent Being KNEW THAT IT WAS GOING TO BE OBSERVED IN THAT EXPERIMENT AND CHANGED THE NATURE OF THE LIGHT BEAM FROM WAVE TO PARTICLE AT THE TIME IT STARTED OUT, SO THAT ITS ORIGINAL NATURE COULD NOT BE ANALYZED.

Simply put, that proves God. And it proves that God is hiding His secrets from probing scientists! Which is why even atheistic scientists are now beginning to talk about the possibility that “aliens” made the universe!

Of course, that is a get out as who made the aliens? They, after all, must be time-space entities themselves, like the photons. Remember light is a fundamental component of the time-space universe, and only an “eternal” (out of time-space) being could change the nature of light intelligently. By definition time = many, eternity = one (philosophical principle). This is the Unmoved Mover (God). Ergo God is proved.

This also proves what the Bible says Ecclesiastes 3:10 and 11: “10 I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it. 11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world {this Hebrew word means the realm of time and space} in their heart {that is, in the midst of each and every thing, including humans}, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” This says God has made everything in the universe beautiful in its proper time, and He has made the universe to be comprised of all these beautiful events, IN SUCH A WAY THAT MAN IS UNABLE TO WORK OUT WHAT GOD IS DOING FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME TO THE END OF TIME, exactly as this experiment shows. The Universe is designed by God with a mechanism in it to hide the secrets of its basic nature from men who are likely to abuse these discoveries (like atomic bombs etc. etc.). Note the numbers of this verse in Ecclesiastes: 3 and 11, which represent a wave (3) and two slits (11)!

I would welcome any questions from you on this or comments. I have posted a little video which explains the Light Slit Experiment in detail. (Above.) It is repeatable any time by anyone who has the needed equipment, therefore it is empirical proof of the existence of God (though that, for obvious reasons, is not publicly admitted yet by many).

Thank you for your time, and blessings in Jesus Christ to you.

Additional video on the quantum eraser experiment which shows in more detail the photons are changed from their point of origin to match the existence or absence of a conscious observation of them later:

The Greatest Eclipse of All Time

As many in the USA enjoy the marvelous sight of a total solar eclipse, they should remember the following startling facts:

The Chinese magi saw this sign on May 10 AD 31 …

And from that they predicted this, which happened two years later April 3 AD 33 …

In AD 31 on May 10th a strange eclipse occurred over the capital Loyang in China of the Later Han Dynasty. The Chinese magi had not expected an eclipse on this day, which was the last day in the 60-day moon-cycle. The Emperor Guangwudi was worried. He thought it meant something bad. The magi consulted their books, and a few days later declared their findings. “It means ‘A Heavenly Man falls dead’ your Majesty!”

The Emperor was more worried than ever as he himself was called the Sainted One and so were his high officers in the Court. Quickly he decreed these titles must be abandoned rightaway! He must not be the “Heavenly Man” who was shown by this eclipse to be about to die.

Still the magi were not satisfied. They went back to their books and studies. Several days later they came out to the public and made an even more startling declaration. The “Heavenly Man” referred to by this sign of the eclipse must still “fall dead”! It would not indeed be the Emperor or some high official. No, it would be THE HEAVENLY MAN himself, the great Cosmic Adam, whom they called Pangu, from whose body and by whose work the whole universe was created in the beginning, including the separation of the two bipolar Principles of the Universe, the Yin and the Yang, representing earth and heaven, down and up, female and male, evil and good, and all the opposite sides of the natural order!

When this Heavenly Man died, according to the prediction, they declared, there would be a supernatural blacking out of the sun as well as an eclipse of the moon, the like of which none had seen before, as these two events can never normally happen at the same time. The Emperor and the people were stunned into silence.

But two years later on April 3 AD 33, an event unfolded far away in Judaea, in the eastern Roman Empire, and their amazing prediction was fulfilled. Jesus the Messiah, the great Cosmic Adam Himself, the Creator of the Universe, was condemned to death on the cross of Calvary. And as He died there on the cross, the earth was rocked off its axis, the sun disappeared below the horizon, and the moon shot across the sky, its face disfigured by the shadow of an eclipse.

Just as the eastern magi predicted the arrival of the Messiah on earth by the observation of the Star of Bethlehem, so the oriental magi predicted by the sign of heaven in AD 31 the terrible death of the Son of God and the greatest dual eclipse of the sun and moon which accompanied it. The world, as they declared, has never been the same since the day of that great Cosmic Sacrifice

For the amazing details of this event go to the following link:

The Vatican killed Lincoln

That great Christian gentleman, Abraham Lincoln. Without him the United States would by now be just one huge concentration camp. Who murdered him? The answer is simple: the Vatican and the Jesuits. Read this small book by one of the officers who conducted the inquiry into his murder:

(Right-click and Save As … to download this PDF (approx 4 MB) or left-click to read in your browser add-on)

The demon-worship of Halloween

Don’t be fooled by the tag “All-Saints” attached to the demon-festival of “Halloween”. The Vatican cult invented this trick to deceive Christians into worshiping demon gods instead of Jesus Christ. They changed the Spring Festival of the Pantheon (the temple of “All the gods” which is what Pantheon means) into the Festival of “All saints” because they prayed and still pray to saints like the old Romans prayed to the gods. Then they relocated this Spring Festival to the night of October 31/November 1, because that is when there was a great Festival of the dead: on that day their goddess Isis was supposed to have “found” the corpse of her lover Osiris in the trunk of a tree! She saw two beady eyes in the form of knots in the tree-trunk (see the picture of it above) and thought her lover was in the tree-trunk. Crazy huh? Like the whole pagan religion, crazy. Then they worshiped Osiris in the dead tree trunk on that day every year. The Vatican simply switched Osiris to “Osiris-Jesus”. The pagans believed all people, especially “holy” people, became “Osiris” when they died, so all the saints were now worshiped too as “Osiris-Nicholas” (“Saint” Nicholas), “Osiris-George” (“Saint” George), and so forth. This Festival was renamed the Festival of “All saints”, to cover up for its Satanic nature. Lamps and candles were always part of the ceremonial in the cult of Osiris, being left on in the night hours to symbolize the illusion that the soul of the Osiris-worshiper was still alive in the darkness of death, so that’s why the Roman “Catholic” church (so-called) lights candles on the festival of “All saints” and why people go around at night-time on October 31st with little demon-faced lamps containing candles, etc. etc.

Let me repeat what has been said in an earlier post:

Satanism works by spells (magic words and formulas) and by ceremonies (magic acts). If a person participates in these he binds himself by evil forces. That means: just to take part in a Satanic ceremony is to bind your soul in bondage to demons.

A Holy-Ghost filled Christian, of course, would never take part in such a thing, or use magic words to achieve a stated purpose. So, Satan being aware of these facts he gets Christians to take part in his Satanic rituals by deception. One trick is to invite Christians to a festival or party which is actually a Satanic ritual-feast. That’s what the Apostle Paul said the Israelites did in their Desert Wanderings — they committed idolatry just by sitting down to the feast of Baal-Peor (a Satanic idol), and by getting up after the meal and playing “games” at the party.

Paul says this about it: 1 Corinthians 10 7 “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Notice Paul calls these backslidden Israelites “idolaters” because they “sat down to eat” and “rose up to play”. Once the Israelites got into the “party-spirit” they started to get drunk and commit fornication with the sexy-dressed girls of the worshipers of Baal-Peor. Notice it was not necessary for them actually to worship the idol physically — they just “went to the party”. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Satan does now using the so-called “Christian” festivals which were created by the pagan Vatican cult known as the “Roman Catholic Church”. He gets Christians to come to the party at his Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween festivals, which are all pagan Roman Satanic feasts dressed up with “Christian” names and titles. So in the Name of the Lord Jesus, keep away from them!

Slam dunk proof the Bible is RIGHT!

Are you sick of the whining critics? They got nothing better to do than attack God’s Word, the Holy Bible. They set up their whole so-called “education” system to undermine the Gospel of the lovely Lord Jesus, the Ten Commandments, and anything else in the sacred covers. Now here’s two discoveries that are slam-dunk proof the Bible is RIGHT !

First one of the most amazing records in the Bible is how God smote Nebuchadnezzar II, the great king of Babylon, with madness because of his pride, but then restored him to health after seven “times” (= years), so that he worshiped the One True God. You can read it all in Daniel chapter 4. What a God! And what a man! Imagine this mighty, powerful, incredibly competent king, who built the Neo-Babylonian Empire single-handed (because God enabled him, though he didn’t know it at the time), imagine him reduced to a slobbering animal. (As pictured above by William Blake.) At the end of his punishment he praised the God of heaven and sent a testimony out across the world. The miraculous thing is — a copy of this testimony has been discovered by archaeologists amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. But you never heard this, because little bits of it were translated wrong (whoops!!!), so it was called in the Press a “Prayer of Nabonidus”. No you nutcases, it’s the Testimony of Nebuchadnezzar, proving God’s Word is true. Here’s the fragments of the document from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the proper translation below it. Read! Believe!



1. When the king of {Babel?} had completed his time of going on all fours, for the duration of which he went on all fours and tore prey with his hands …………….

2. With a vile sore [of the kind found on an animal’s back], by the command of G{od………………..}

3. Smitten as a beast for seven years and wh{oever? ……………}

4. And his sins were forgiven him by a seer a Je{w………………….}

5. He announced and caused a document to be published and let it be proclaimed and ………………

6. Smitten as a beast with a sore [of the kind found on an animal’s back] with ………………………….

7. Seven years going on all fours as a beast ……………………….

8. wood, stone and clay whoever(?) ……………..

There are a few other fragments with less writing but this is the main piece miraculously preserved by God for us to read today. Notice how in line 4 it says “his sins were forgiven him by a seer a Je{w.” which is not the way a Hebrew would have talked about Daniel (the Jewish seer who prayed for Nebuchadnezzar), showing this was not a Jewish composition, but an actual copy of the proclamation mentioned in line 5. You can read the full facts about this amazing find at the following links on the Christian Hospitality site: and

Nebuchadnezzar the constructor of Babylon


You heard the ramblings of trendies and Sodomite activists claiming Israel never invaded the land of Canaan, etc. etc. They got this idea that Israel somehow just “grew into Israel” in the land out of a mongrel set of degenerates, vagabonds etc. Well that’s because they hate the FACT that the God of Israel IS REAL! Yes, He REALLY delivered the Israelites from Egypt under the prophet Moses and He REALLY led them into the land of Canaan under the prophet Joshua, and miraculously DEFEATED the Canaanites, DRIVING ‘EM PLUMB OUT OF THE COUNTRY, DESTROYING THEIR RIDICULOUS AND EVIL PAGAN TEMPLES, SLAUGHTERING EVERYONE WHO RESISTED. THAT’S GOD — HE DOES AS HE CHOOSES. Now, to prove all this, there was a discovery made in Egypt a century and more ago in the capital of Akhenaten king of Egypt. That was a cache of letters sent by the desperate Canaanites to Pharaoh begging him for help against the invading “Habiru” as they called them — that is, Hebrews in our language. Well you couldn’t get plainer than that, could you? The time was just right, as the Bible said around 1400-1350 BC. So to get out of it the anti-Bible critics started questioning who these Habiru were!! If you blind your eyes to truth you’re left with big problems, and that’s what these laughable critics got. They’re still trying to explain today who these Habiru were ‘cos they rejected the plain and obvious truth staring them in the face.

OK. Now, one of the most miraculous events of this God-led invasion was when Joshua stopped the sun setting by the power of God, when he needed more daylight to finish a battle. The whole history is found in the Book of Joshua in the Bible chapter 10. You will see there that the Canaanite king of Jerusalem at that time was called Adoni-zedek. That very name for the king of Jerusalem has been found on a letter written on a clay-tablet sent to Pharaoh by a commander in Jerusalem complaining about the invading Habiru (Hebrews). I still don’t know why this name has been MISTRANSLATED by every so-called “scholar” who’s read this letter — SUSPICIOUS, HUH? There’s only a few letters from Jerusalem found in the cache, so it should have been obvious that one of them just might be from Adoni-zedek??? Yes??? Here’s a photocopy of the letter written on the clay-tablet with the name Adoni-zedek highlighted in yellow. The name is pronounced a little different by the Canaanites as opposed to the Hebrews. The Hebrews pronounced it Adoni-zedek, the Canaanites Adunia-zaduk or Adunia-saduq, but it’s the same name exactly. You can read the full facts about this amazing discovery at the following link to another page on this site:

Above: A photograph of the clay tablet on which this letter is written, with the name Adunia-saduq, the Biblical Adoni-zedek, highlighted. The five cuneiform signs spelling the name are as follows: Adun(EN)-ia-sa-du-uq, which is Adoni-zedek (Joshua 10. 1-27) in Hebrew. The commander of the garrison in Jerusalem says to Pharaoh in this part of the letter: “… (they have) given the land of the king [to] the Habiru (the Hebrews). Consider (this), the king Adunia-saduq (that is, Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem) is against me (that is, he didn’t agree with the commander’s strategy against the Habiru).”

The Satanic poison of Valentine’s day

Here comes another pagan feast pretending to be Christian! Yes it’s Valentine’s Day, or should we say “Saint” Valentine’s Day? Time to fornicate in spirit or otherwise, all because of a Roman “Catholic” so-called “saint”. This is just another example of the Vatican-Freemason hijacking of the calendar. The tawdry little festival of “Cupid” known as Valentine’s Day is promoted across the globe at the American taxpayers’ expense and in the mass-media owned by the Vatican and Freemason elites.

What’s the game? you might ask. Well simple. All these pagan ceremonies and festivals were adopted by the Vatican in olden times to mix paganism with Christianity so as to form a single, splurge “One World Religion”. All the backbone of Christianity and all its high moral standards could then be drowned in a sea of religious gobbledeygook. The Protestant Freemasons came along later, and having dumped true Protestantism along the road, they took up the pagan, so-called Christian, ceremonies of the Vatican.

Naturally, the sex-drugs culture of the pagans went hand-in-hand with the ceremonies and festivals. Another excuse for a holiday, another excuse for a fornicating little party. So the patriarchal, moral, healthy anti-fornication, anti-drug culture of real Christianity was rejected, if not outlawed altogether. You can see that process still operating today.

So, what’s the details about the little “Cupid” feast, Valentine’s Day? Well the “venerable” (so-called) Bede, an early Roman “Catholic” psycho-scholar (around AD 700), tells us the facts about the Cupid-feast. The record is found in his book De Temporum Ratione, chapter 12. He says there was an ancient ceremony in pagan Rome, called the Februatio, the “Purging” or “Purification”, in the early part of the month February. February is when the sun is in the astrological sign of Pisces, the Two Fishes whom the pagans identified with Venus and Cupid, and that’s where our little nude demon Cupid comes into the picture. When the Roman “Catholic” cult incorporated this pagan ceremony into their “liturgy” they changed it to the feast of the “Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. But most people, of course, forget that now, ‘cos the Virgin Mary has gone out of the window along with virgins generally. They only remember it as the “Cupid feast”.

The pagans called it “Purification” (ha-ha) because they believed they were “purged” of their lustful sins and excesses (which were many) by the celebration of these idol rites, accompanied with sexual orgies (strange way of “purifying” oneself!).

There was an actual, original “purification” of Mary and that was a different thing altogether — it was the sacrifice offered in the Temple at Jerusalem, as ordained by God in the Law of Moses, at the close of forty days after the birth of her wonderful virgin-born child, the Messiah Jesus. All Israelite new mothers did this sacrifice, after the birth of a child. Mary’s child Jesus, of course, was not born in the winter, and Mary did not offer her purification-sacrifice in February, as the Roman “Catholics” claim she did. This is so because Jesus was born around April (April 2 is the earliest historical date for His birth), when the shepherds were out in the fields looking after the new-born Spring lambs. So Mary came to the Temple to offer her purification-sacrifice 40 days after that, say around the middle of May.

The original Hebrew “purification” was turned now into the pagan February “Purification” orgy. It was a typical con by the Roman pseudo-Christians — take a pagan ceremony, find some remote verbal link with the Bible and claim the pagan and Biblical ceremonies were the same. The excuse was that the pagans would thereby be “converted” to Christianity without any undue burden of actually changing their lifestyles. The pagan multitudes (as well as the Vatican priests) of Rome could still practice their Februatio sex-orgies, but could now be called “Christians” by the “church” hierarchy. They could claim they were celebrationg the “Purification” (Februatio) of the Virgin Mary! What a wonderful “conversion” it was, the “conversion” of ancient Rome!

The days of February ran on to the 13th and then began the 9 days of real fun for pagan Romans — yes, the worship of dead ancestors! This was a “purification” festival of the typical February variety, a time to “purify” the soul by getting right with the spirits of the departed. Now all the earliest heretics, who mixed paganism with Christianity, celebrated the birth of their sun-god “Osiris-Jesus” on January 6th (the day Osiris the sun-god was “born” at the winter solstice in Egypt in the ancient eastern pagan system). Since Jesus’ mother Mary went through her historical purification ritual in the Temple 40 days after Jesus’ birth, these eastern heretics now dogmatically claimed Mary was “purified” on the 14th February, that is, 40 days inclusive after the sun-god’s “birth” on January 6th, quite opposite to the historical facts. So they combined the memory of her Hebrew “purification” with the worship of dead ancestors (also conveniently called the “purification”) that was going on at that time of year in Rome. They began to worship the Virgin Mary, as a dead spirit, using the same candles the pagans used to pray to their dead relatives. The 14th of February was now called the “Day of Saint Mary”. They celebrated a “mass” (meal for the dead) for Mary, with lighted candles, and marched through the city with these candles in their hands, just as the pagans ate meals with candles at the tombs of their ancestors, and marched through the streets with candles in their hands. It was later called “Candlemas” for that reason.

One little extra here — out of “respect” for their dead ancestors the Romans shut all the temples during the nine days of this feast of the dead (called the Parentalia or “Ancestors” festival, lasting from the 13th to the 21st February), and also did not allow anyone to get married during that time. Obviously it would not be appropriate to have a happy marriage feast lighting up the town when everyone was supposed to be remembering their dead ancestors. So this was a festival in which marriage-vows were forbidden. If any “love” was going on, it was not the knot-tying variety. See a resemblance there to something? Bede says the “Christians” (meaning the Vatican cult) dressed up this pagan festival by saying the “virgins” (unmarried women) procesing through the streets with their candles (for the dead spirits) were the “virgins” of Christ’s parable of the wise virgins: they likewise had lighted candles in their hand, and were “waiting for their bridegroom”! This was definitely a Cupid-fest for the unmarried, especially when there were many other pagan feasts going on concurrently (like the Lupercalia festival on the 15th of February), with party-going and drunken revelry at its height.

Here you need to know a little about the Vatican’s “virgins”. These were the “nuns” or “sisters”. They said they were “waiting for their bridegroom”, meaning, in the Bible sense, for the heavenly Bridegroom, Christ. The catch was, the local Vatican priest said he WAS Christ! So really these “virgins” were the fornicating prostitutes of the Vatican priesthood. Now, let’s examine the Virgin Mary theory underpinning this debauchery. The real historical “purification” of Mary was the ceremony in the Temple at Jerusalem by which the ritual defilement of childbirth was taken off, so the couple (in this case Joseph and Mary) could now have married sex together. Well, of course, that was contrary to the Vatican’s cult-dogma which stated Mary had ALWAYS REMAINED A VIRGIN, because she was a “divine” spirit, untainted with original sin. According to their twisted idea she was the “Bride of God” only, and never, never, had sex with Joseph, oh goodness, no. This is opposite to what the Bible says, as that tells us Mary had sex with Joseph after the birth of Jesus (Matthew’s Gospel ch. 1 verse 25). And likewise, incidentally with those Vatican “virgins” who worshiped Mary: they (supposedly) “always stayed virgin” and were the “Brides of Christ” only — but, as we have just said, Christ was in this case the Vatican priest. They worshiped Mary as a dead divine spirit in the “Purification” and, like her, were “dead” in the sense that they died to the world — or so they claimed. Unfortunately they died to the normal sinful life of Rome and were reborn into the even more sinful life of cultic delusion. Still today closed-order nuns go through a symbolic burial in a coffin when they take their final vows. So really we have in this festival the celebration of pseudo-Christian fornication. Yes, precisely.

The Vatican cult hit a little problem with the date of their “Purification” feast. They celebrated Christ’s birth 12 days earlier than the original heretics, who were mainly Near-Eastern in origin. The ancient Roman date for the winter solstice, the “birth” of the sun-god, was December 25th, not January 6th as in the East. Therefore Mary’s “Purification” (40 days after Jesus’ birth) fell 12 days earlier too according to the Vatican’s theory. So the Vatican switched the date of “Saint Mary Day” 12 days back from the 14th February to the 2nd February. This was still within the month of February and therefore under the dominion of the “infernal powers” according to Roman paganism. They allowed the common people to continue celebrating their Cupid-feast on what they now called “Valentine’s Day” February 2nd. The Eastern Roman cult in Armenia stuck with the original system, and to this day celebrate the “Purification of Mary” on the 14th. They still believe it “purges out” evil spirits and ensures sexual fertility.

Every day in the calendar was dedicated to some so-called saint by the heretics, and this day, the 14th February, happened to be the “saint”-day of someone called Valentine. He was a Christian martyr — or maybe not really a martyr, but someone just executed by the authorities for his crimes. He had been beheaded on the 14th February in the long distant past. Now they could call it “Saint” Valentine’s day. So it stands today. The dubiousness of this supposed “saint’s” character is even admitted by modernist Roman “Catholic” scholars, and they have dropped the name Valentine altogether from the latest church-calendars. But of course they haven’t dropped the so-called “Purification of Mary” feast, which is the real deal on this mixed pagan-Christian Cupid-fest.

Because the Vatican cult in Rome had changed the feast-day, they needed another pagan festival with lamps and torches to “authenticate” their pagan-cum-“Christian” celebration, and there wasn’t one on the new date of February 2nd in Rome. But just when it was needed, the Sicilians came to the rescue. In Sicily the pagans had a festival at the beginning of February: this was a memorial feast commemorating the time the earth-goddess Ceres searched for her missing daughter, Cora, who had been raped by the god of Hell, Pluto (Pluto being the patron-god of February). The goddess Ceres was believed to have searched for her daughter with torches in her hand to pierce the darkness of the night, lit from the underworld fires of Mount Etna, and thus torches were carried ever afterwards in that ceremony, called the Amburbalia, the “Procession round the city”. So the Roman pseudo-Christians now said Mary was the same as the pagan “Great Goddess” and — hey presto! the lamps of Mary’s “Purification” festival were just the updated version of the lamps, lights and torches of Ceres!

Now, Satanism works by spells (magic words and formulas) and by ceremonies (magic acts). If a person participates in these he binds himself by evil forces. That means: just to take part in a Satanic ceremony is to bind your soul in bondage to demons.

A Holy-Ghost filled Christian, of course, would never take part in such a thing, or use magic words to achieve a stated purpose. So, Satan being aware of these facts he gets Christians to take part in his Satanic rituals by deception. One trick is to invite Christians to a festival or party which is actually a Satanic ritual-feast. That’s what the Apostle Paul said the Israelites did in their Desert Wanderings — they committed idolatry just by sitting down to the feast of the Golden Calf and Baal-Peor (a Satanic idol), and by getting up after the meal and playing “games” at the party.

Paul says this about it: 1 Corinthians 10 7 “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Notice Paul calls these backslidden Israelites “idolaters” because they “sat down to eat” and “rose up to play”. Once the Israelites got into the “party-spirit” they started to get drunk and commit fornication with the sexy-dressed girls of the worshipers of Baal-Peor. Notice it was not necessary for them actually to worship the idol physically — they just “went to the party”. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Satan does now using the so-called “Christian” festivals which were created by the pagan Vatican cult known as the “Roman Catholic Church”. He gets Christians to come to the party at his Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween festivals, which are all pagan Roman Satanic feasts dressed up with “Christian” names and titles. So in the Name of the Lord Jesus, keep away from them!

Notice how these pagan feasts were deliberately chosen to imitate, in a Devilish fashion, the ancient feasts of Israel, which happened at these same times of year:

Hanukkah = Christmas (Jewish 25th Kislev = “Christian” 25th December)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Birth of the Roman sun-god, Sol Invictus, in the depths of the Winter Underworld. So it was dated to the time of the Winter Solstice (December 25), when the sun is lowest in the sky, after which the sun increases in strength (“growing after the birth”). Please note, in this case, even the Jewish feast (Hanukkah, the feast of “lights”) was a copy of the pagan Greek festival of “lights”, the Dionysia festival, celebrating the birth of the Greek sun-god Dionysus at the Winter Solstice, and was never ordained by God in the Law of Moses. It was slipped into Judaism a couple of hundred years or so before Christ, when the Greek dictator Antiochus Epiphanes “paganized” the Temple for a few years, as prophesied by Daniel 11:30.

Purim = Valentine’s Day (Jewish 13th Adar = “Christian” 13th/14th February)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of Dead Ancestors, the “Purification” of the Parentalia, changed later into the Amburbalia or Search of the goddess Ceres for Cora. Cora was the moon-goddess of the dark winter nights who “disappeared into the Underworld” at this time of year, when the dark nights get shorter. Cora was called Despoina, “Mistress”, or Madonna, and was therefore equated with Mary, who had those same pagan titles in Romanist “theology”. Six months later, as the nights grow dark again, and the winter moon becomes more prominent, Cora “ascended” up to heaven: so likewise Mary is blasphemously said to have been “assumed” (taken up) to heaven, after a complete 6 months following the “Day of Saint Mary” (which was originally 14th February) on the “Feast of the Assumption” (August 15th).

Passover = Easter (Jewish full moon of Spring Equinox month Nisan, plus seven days = “Christian” nearest Sunday following full moon of Spring Equinox)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Megalensia, in honor of the goddess Ceres, a.k.a. Cybele, when her son, the sun-god, came into his summer phase, or, as the pagans put it, was “resurrected from the Underworld”. This was believed to have happened on the Spring Equinox, March 25. The pseudo-Christians of Rome celebrate this “resurrection” on the nearest “sun-day” (to honor the sun-god) following the full-moon immediately after the Spring Equinox.

Pentecost = Pascha Rosata or Whitsunday (Jewish seven weeks after Passover = “Christian” Whitsunday seven weeks after Easter)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of Rosalia, when the dead were celebrated with rose-garlands. The red roses were believed to be the flowers which sprouted in the spring from the earth (Underworld) where the sun-god died in winter, stained red with his blood. Dead heroes were worshiped on this day, as if they were the “flowers” of the sun-god, and the Romanist pseudo-Christians worship their so-called “saints” at this feast in a continuation of the pagan rite.

17th of Tammuz Fast of Three Weeks = Feast of John the Baptist (Jewish midsummer fast = “Christian” celebration of John the “burning light” on 24th June, 6 months before midwinter Christmas Eve Mass, 24th December)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Midsummer Solstice, when fires were lit or rolled down, for the death of Tammuz, or Mithras, or Sol, the sun-god, who fell into the Underworld then, and was mourned with fasting, as the sun begins to descend from its highest point in the sky. The Bible references to John the Baptist as the “burning light” in the Gospel of John 5. 35, who must “decrease” as Jesus must “increase” (Gospel of John 3. 30), were twisted to turn John the Baptist into the sun and light god Janus-Mithras-Sol, who “decreases” in brightness from this time on, whilst Jesus was worshiped as the sun and light god who “increases” after “being born” in midwinter. In this case, too, even the Midsummer Solstice festival of the Jews, like the Jewish Midwinter Solstice festival Hanukkah, was a pagan import into Judaism from the cult of the Babylonian sun-god Tammuz (see Zechariah 8:19, Ezekiel 8:14). You can see they are based on pagan sun-worship because they are dated to the two times in the year when the sun is highest and brightest (Midsummer), and lowest and coolest (Midwinter). By contrast, the God-ordained feasts of Israel are regulated by the moon’s movements and cycles, not by those of the sun. The backslidden Jews had these two pagan sun-festivals, but the pseudo-Christian cults multiplied such practices and filled their whole year with them.

Tabernacles = Halloween (Jewish seventh month from Spring Equinox, “Christian” likewise)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Pantheon, of “All the Gods”, renamed the Feast of “All the Saints”. It is celebrated on the night of the 31st October/1st November, because that is when the dead sun-god’s body was believed to have been “discovered” by his lover, the goddess Ceres, that is, in the “deadness” of the winter foliage.

Satan gets the Vatican and Freemason cults to imitate the Jews in order to “replace” Israel as God’s nation, which they will never manage to do. That’s why these cults are anti-Semitic (though they deny it). Watch them today sneakily attacking Israel and all Bible-believing groups, Jewish and Christian. All true born-again Christians should have nothing to do with these heretical Vatican and Protestant-cum-Freemason cults or with their evil, Satanic festivals.


Relevant quotes from ancient writers confirming these facts:

Bede De Temporum Ratione, AD 725, chap. 12: “The second month he {that is King Numa of Rome} called after Februus, that is Pluto, who was believed to rule over purificatory sacrifice. In that month in which [Numa] ordained that justice be done to the divine spirits of the dead, the city was obliged to make purificatory sacrifices. But the Christian religion altered this custom of purificatory sacrifice for the better, when in that same month, on the Day of Saint Mary, the whole populace with the priests and ministers goes on procession through the churches and the city neighborhoods, all singing devout hymns, and carrying in their hands burning candles given them by the bishop. As this good custom grew, it provided a model for other feasts of the blessed Mother and perpetual Virgin as well, not in the five-year lustration of a worldly empire, but in the everlasting memory of the heavenly kingdom where, according to the parable of the wise virgins, all the elect shall go out to meet the Bridegroom, their King, with the lamps of their good deeds alight, and then shall enter into the heavenly city with Him.”

“Pope” Innocent III (AD 1198-1216): “Why do we carry lighted candles at this festival {that is at Candlemas}? The answer may be derived from the book of Wisdom, where it is said (ch. 14: 23) that the heathen offered sacrifices at night (sacrificia obscura). The Gentiles, indeed, had devoted the month of February to the infernal deities, because, as they ignorantly believed, it was at the beginning of this month that Pluto had ravished Proserpine. Ceres, her mother, had, according to their belief, sought her through Sicily for a whole night by the light of torches kindled at the flames of Etna. In commemoration of this, they every year, at the beginning of February, traveled the city during the night bearing lighted torches, whence this festival was called amburbale. But the holy fathers, being unable to abolish this custom, decided that lighted candles should be carried in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary; and thus what was formerly done for Ceres is done to-day in honor of the Virgin, and what was done formerly for Proserpine is now done in the praise of Mary” (Innocent III, Opera, “Serm. I. in fest. purif. Mariae,” fol. 47, col. 2, ed. Coloniae, 1552).

God’s “KEEP OUT” Sign

Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:
17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:
18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
25 Behold, I have told you before.

Also in Luke’s Gospel 21:20 “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. 21 Then let them which are in Judæa flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto. 22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.”

(For more on Daniel’s great prophecy go to and

THIS HORRIBLE DOME IS GOD’S “KEEP OUT” SIGN. Notice what Jesus said to His disciples: When you see this abomination of desolation standing on the holy site, GET OUTA THERE! And that means what it says. Disciples of Jesus, including Hebrew or Jewish ones (the disciples of Jesus in that day were Hebrew/Jewish), were STRICTLY COMMANDED BY THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF TO GET OUT OF JUDAEA, that is, OUT OF the Jews’ own land, as soon as they saw this abomination standing there. Well do it then! What are all these supposed Christians, both Messianic Jewish and Gentile, doing going over to Israel trying to convert the Jews? GET OUTA THERE! Notice Jesus Himself prophesied at the same time the abomination would stand there, there would be FALSE PROPHETS, and FALSE ANOINTED ONES (“CHRISTS” MEANS “ANOINTED ONES”), going round, deceiving the people, immediately after the greatest tribulation to come upon the Jews till that time — that’s the Holocaust. Well it’s NOW then. These false ones know it’s the end time (because of the Holocaust and the return of the Jews to Israel), so they do exactly what Jesus said NOT TO DO — they go INTO Israel trying to convert the Jews. They should be GETTING OUTA ISRAEL. They quote Scriptures like the Devil quoted Scripture to Jesus, twisting the Bible text to justify their rebellion against the command of the Lord. They say, “It says in the Bible the Gospel must be preached TO THE JEW FIRST! So that’s what we’re doing.” Lying spirits! It doesn’t say that, it says: Romans 1:16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” This isn’t telling you to preach to the Jew first, it is saying that the ALREADY-BELIEVING JEW HAS FIRST PLACE. That is because, as believers we are all adopted into the Israel of God (Romans 9:4). And if any DON’T BELIEVE, that is, if they DON’T KEEP THIS AND ALL OTHER COMMANDMENTS OF JESUS, THEN PUNISHMENT also FALLS ON THE JEW FIRST (FROM GOD, NOT MAN — so Hitler shut your mouth!): Romans 2:5-11: “But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God; Who will render to every man according to his deeds: To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life: But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath, Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile; But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile: For there is no respect of persons with God.” It is prophesied clearly in Ezekiel chapter 36 (see verses 1-27) that Israel will return to the land at the end-time in UNBELIEF (not believing on the Messiah Jesus, and that is how they are now), but that AFTER THEY HAVE RETURNED AND SETTLED IN THEIR LAND, at the very end, they will be washed clean of their sins by the coming of the Holy Spirit, and then they truly will be “Israel”, because they will be Israel in their hearts: that is, those who, physically speaking, are Israelites will be “adopted” by God to become truly His sons and daughters by the regeneration of Jesus Christ. (Ezekiel 36. 27.) This happens when Jesus comes physically from heaven and reveals Himself to His people, as described in Zechariah chapter 13. In other words, Israel will never be converted until Jesus Himself returns, as explained by the Apostle Paul in Romans 11:26, and then it will be through the ministry of the two prophets of Revelation 11. At that time the great Antichrist, the false “Anointed One” of Rome, the so-called “Pope” makes an agreement with the Jews to rebuild the Temple, which he secretly plans to incorporate into his “one-world religion”. Until then, and until those two true prophets start their ministry, GET OUTA ISRAEL ALL TRUE SERVANTS OF CHRIST.

Say YES to THANKSGIVING and NO to the Witchcraft Ceremony of “Christmas” and Old Nick Santa Claus


Great! Thanksgiving’s coming up again. Get your turkey, folks, and your pumpkin pie and dig in to a real genuine Christian feast, a real genuine Pilgrim American feast. The founding fathers, the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock, loved Jesus — that’s why they came to America, to escape persecution from the Anglican cult in England and its parent-cult the Vatican on the continent. They didn’t celebrate Witchcraft ceremonies like “Christmas”. Neither does any true born-again Spirit-filled Christian today. They celebrated Thanksgiving, in gratitude to the Lord Jesus Who saved them in their pilgrim colony and led them (with the help of their dear native American Indian neighbors) to bring in a good harvest. Thank God for that. Ever since America has been a refuge for Bible-believing, God-fearing, God-loving Christians and has been a beacon on a hill to the rest of the world. Thanksgiving is a true Christian celebration, thanking God for His continued loving welfare. The Devil didn’t let them off scot-free, of course. He introduced weeds into the wheat-field and conned the Pilgrims’ descendants by re-introducing the European cults’ Witchcraft ceremony the Winter Solstice “Christmas”. Through the love of money (the root of ALL evil) the Devil promoted this Witchcraft ceremony by deceiving little children with the myth of Santa Claus and his goblin helpers. Presents, presents, presents! Money, money, money! That’s what it’s about. It’s just the Devil in disguise. Santa Claus is the old supposed-to-be “saint” Nicholas of Myra. A thoroughly degenerate little Vaticanite he was, like the present so-called “bishop” of Rome, the international pedophile ring-leader known as the “Pope”. The Bible predicted that the cult of the leaders named after “Nicholas” would swallow up the world in their false religion, and so it has come about. See Revelation 2. “6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans [means: “cultists named after Nicholas”], which I [Jesus Christ] also hate“, and “15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate“. Notice Jesus says here He HATES the “Nicholas” cult, and that’s the Santa Claus cult. You can download the historical facts showing the Santa Claus cult was the God-hated Nicolaitan cult here (left-click to read online or right click and Save As to download). Get back to the true Christian and American Thanksgiving and repent of this Satanic “Christmas” nonsense. You can see more about the pagan ceremony of Christmas here.

Let me repeat what has been said in an earlier post:

Satanism works by spells (magic words and formulas) and by ceremonies (magic acts). If a person participates in these he binds himself by evil forces. That means: just to take part in a Satanic ceremony is to bind your soul in bondage to demons.

A Holy-Ghost filled Christian, of course, would never take part in such a thing, or use magic words to achieve a stated purpose. So, Satan being aware of these facts he gets Christians to take part in his Satanic rituals by deception. One trick is to invite Christians to a festival or party which is actually a Satanic ritual-feast. That’s what the Apostle Paul said the Israelites did in their Desert Wanderings — they committed idolatry just by sitting down to the feast of Baal-Peor (a Satanic idol), and by getting up after the meal and playing “games” at the party.

Paul says this about it: 1 Corinthians 10 7 “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Notice Paul calls these backslidden Israelites “idolaters” because they “sat down to eat” and “rose up to play”. Once the Israelites got into the “party-spirit” they started to get drunk and commit fornication with the sexy-dressed girls of the worshipers of Baal-Peor. Notice it was not necessary for them actually to worship the idol physically — they just “went to the party”. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Satan does now using the so-called “Christian” festivals which were created by the pagan Vatican cult known as the “Roman Catholic Church”. He gets Christians to come to the party at his Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween festivals, which are all pagan Roman Satanic feasts dressed up with “Christian” names and titles. So in the Name of the Lord Jesus, keep away from them!


The detailed study of Alexander Tille, titled “Yule and Christmas”, London, 1899, p. 102 and following pages, gives you the facts about the Witchcraft cult of the so-called “Christmas Tree”: it was originally dedicated to the god Bel of Babylon (Babylon being Satan’s main cult-center), and was transferred into “Christian” (in name only) churches in Germany. The idol Bel is strongly condemned by God in the Bible: Isaiah 46:1: “Bel boweth down, Nebo stoopeth, their idols were upon the beasts”, Jeremiah 50:2: “Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon is taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces.” Jeremiah 51:44: “And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall.”

The following quote is a bit technical so I’ll summarize it here: The Babylonian Satanic cult of Bel, including the use of magic branches and trees at the New Year, was borrowed by the Romans and practiced in ancient pagan Rome. When the Roman army conquered the ancient Germans, the Romans passed on this evil cult to the Germans. Later, when the Roman Empire turned “Christian” (in name only), the old pagan customs of Bel worship were given a “Christian” brush-up. So in Germany, for example, around the year AD 950, the pagan Roman Bel cult at New Year (January 1) was transferred by a Roman “Catholic” fanatic “saint” (so-called) to the nearby date of December 25. December 25 itself was an ancient pagan festival celebrating the birth of the Sun-god, but had been changed into the “Birthday of the Son of God” (Jesus) by the false Roman church. So now around AD 950 in Germany this so-called saint added a little spice to the poisonous mixture by taking the magic trees and branches of the Bel cult at New Year festival and splotting them onto December 25 “Birthday of the Son of God” (so-called). And so on and so forth — what a mess! The magic tree of the Bel cult popped up under the new name of the “Christmas Tree”. So the pagan witchcraft ceremony, from the Babylonian Bel cult, of looking for a tree in midwinter which had fruit or flowers on it, or was very green and fresh-looking, as an omen of fertility for the future year, had polluted the so-called churches of Europe and infested nominal Christian homes, as it still does today.

I have added a few explanations and comments in square brackets in the following quotation from Tille:

“Alsso [a writer about AD 1400] even tells us more. At the beginning of every month the Bohemians carried about the image of their god Bel, singing a Czechic song. They rejoiced in the god thus visiting their houses, hoping faithfully that, in consequence, the whole month long he would send them good luck, and lead all their fortune and life. Therefore people brought gifts to the image of Bel, as it were a tribute, regarding themselves as his true worshippers in order that he might bring them luck. But St. Adalbert [AD 956-997, he is called a “saint” here but he was obviously no saint], because it was too circumstantial to do so at the beginning of every month, and in order that the Christians might not also celebrate the beginning of the months [New Year] according to heathen custom, changed this celebration of the beginnings of months [the pagan New Year] into a celebration of Christ’s Nativity and of the week following it, thinking that it would be better to exercise that habit in the time in which Christ was born [he imagined this to be December 25], than at the beginning of months [New Year January 1], at which honour had once been bestowed upon Bel. He also is said to have altered the name and the sense of that celebration, making of ‘kalendisare’ [meaning “to practice a cult at the New Year”] ‘colendisare’ [meaning “to practice a reverend ceremony”] (from colere, to revere), because through that usage Christ was revered at his birthday, and not in the Calends [the Calends is the New Year Jan. 1]. If this report does not imply that medieval Christmas in South Germany took the place of an older Calends celebration according to Roman usage, I do not know what it implies. The confusion in which the minds of both authors are is best shown by the fact that they not only regard the Calends [that is, New Year] rites as an imitation and distortion of Christmas rites caused by the devil, but at the same time inform us that up to St. [not a Saint!] Adalbert’s time the Calends [New Year] alone prevailed, and that it was this Saint [so-called] who transferred to Christmas the Calendisationes or Calends [New Year] processions,—two statements which are mutually exclusive.

[Notice the contrast with earlier more Bible-based customs shown in the following statements:] When the Chapters of Bishop Martin of Bracae, A.D. 575, forbade the faithful to observe dangerous Calends [New Year] customs, to keep the heathen times of leisure, and to adorn their houses round about with laurel and green trees, he rendered a very great service indeed to folklore, for this seems to be the only prohibition of that Calends [New Year] custom which has come down to us, and it is not until eight hundred years later that we can show houses to have been adorned with green and trees at New Year and Christmas. It is told, however, of the [ancient Italian] Sabinian king Tatius, to whom by the legend a date is given about the middle of the eighth century B.C, that in winter he received branches of a happy or fortunate tree from the grove of Streniae as favourable omens with respect to the new year. It is true that story is told by a Roman writer of about 400 A.D., Q. Aurelius Symmachus, and it cannot therefore be regarded as affording any evidence on a state of things twelve hundred years before that time. But the one thing certain from it is that, in the time of the Roman empire, there existed the habit of presenting to people, on the Calends of January [New Year, Jan. 1], branches of trees for the sake of good luck in the new year. It is again solely from this custom that we learn the meaning of the adornment of houses with laurel and green trees in the sixth century. These things were put up as good omens for the luck of the year. Even later evidence of this custom is very scarce. That in Italy it lived on we know at the end of the fifteenth century, through Polydore Vergil, who says: “Trimmyng of the Temples with hangynges, floures, boughes, and garlandes, was taken of the Heathen people, whiche decked their Idoles and houses with suche arraye.” In Germany the two fifteenth century witnesses for that usage come both from the Rhine country, from Strassburg, and both mention that at New Year’s day the houses were adorned with green fir branches.

In Strassburg it is also that, a hundred years later, the first Christmas tree appears, a usage which seems to have sprung out of the union of the habit of adorning houses with green branches and trees according to Roman Calends [New Year] custom, and of a Christian tenth century legend, according to which, in the night when the Saviour was born, all trees bloom and bring forth fruits in the forest. This legend can be proved to have been very popular in the Germany of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

In England the same custom must have been popular, at least in the fifteenth century, even in the form of trees or artificial trees. “Against the Feast of Christmas, euery mans house, as also their parish Churches, were decked with Holm, Iuy, Bayes, and whatsoeuer the season of the yeere aforded to be greene. The Conduits and Standards in the streetes were, likewise, garnished. Amongst the which, I read, that in the yeere 1444, ‘by tempest of thunder and lightning, on the first of February at night, Pauls steeple was fiered, but with great labour quenched, and toward the morning of Candlemas day, at the Leaden Hall in Cornhill, a Standard of tree being set up in the midst of the pauement, fast in the ground, nayled full of Holme and Iuy, for disport of Christmas to the people, was torne up and cast downe by the malignant Spirit (as was thought), and the stones of the pauement all about were cast in the streets, and into divers houses, so that the people were sore aghast at the great Tempests.'”

Gay, in his Trivia, sings:

“When Rosemary and Bays, the poet’s crown,
Are bawl’d in frequent cries through all the town;
Then judge the festival of Christmas near,
Christmas, the joyous period of the year!
Now with bright Holly all the temples strow
With Laurel green, and sacred Mistletoe.”

And from that time on there is a complete continuity of tradition as regards the adornment of houses and churches by holly and ivy, evergreen and mistletoe, box and bay. There are the well-known fifteenth century carols about the contest between Holly and Ivy:

“Holly and Ivy, Box and Bay,
Put in the Church on Christmas day.”


PS. A little background on our Fairy-Fir-Tree “Saint” Adalbert, who takes the lion’s share of the blame for the filthy so-called “Christmas” cult as practiced today. He is the Roman “Catholic” patron-saint of Poland, and got that dubious distinction on account of the following “missionary” enterprises. After failing to “convert” the (already-converted) Old Slavic Christians further South, Adalbert decided it would be easier to win simple pagans to Rome’s Christianized military machine. He was the “Pope’s” chief representative on the Northern Germanic front, and a close relative of the “Holy Roman” Emperor, who headed the “Pope’s” thug-regime in Germany. As has widely been proclaimed, the “Holy Roman Empire” was neither “Holy”, nor “Roman” nor an “Empire”. It was a cultic fraternity of Barbarian chiefs bent on thrusting the “Pope’s” Vatican regime on as many poor deluded peasants as possible, if necessary by massacre and mayhem. So our Fairy-Fir-Tree “Saint” Adalbert towards the end of the tenth century AD, despaired of tricking the canny Slavic Christians (with their Received Text Old Slavonic Bibles), and headed off to “convert” what he imagined to be the more easily-deluded pagan peasants of Prussia. Venturing into their land, he was quickly pierced through by the alert pagan peasants — seven spears went through his torso, pinning him to the ground in the posture of the Roman crucifix. Quite appropriate really. He was followed over 200 years by another three Roman “missionary” attempts, and each time the Prussian peasants executed or banished the Roman spies (sorry, “missionaries”). Finally the “Pope” had enough of it and in the 13th century resorted to his normal tactics. He sent in the unemployed Crusaders known as the “Teutonic Knights” and the Order of the “Brethren of the Sword” (both of them sort-of Roman jihadi units), and massacred the pagan Prussians in a scorched-earth campaign across Prussia. He then imported settlers from Germany to occupy the devastated villages and hamlets under the eyes of the Roman barons in their highly fortified castles constructed for the purpose on the mountain-tops. Obviously, after that, Prussia (Poland) was “Catholic”. What a wonderful, miraculous conversion!!! That’s how it remained till the Reformation when, after recovering somewhat from the devastation, the poor Prussians threw off Roman “Catholicism” and brought forth a glorious Reformed church. The Pope didn’t let it last long and crushed this new movement in Prussia ruthlessly in the Counter Reformation. After that second round of massacring and mayhem, blessed by the “Pope”, Prussia (Poland) remained in the backwater of fanatical Romanism right to the present day.

For more on the pagan ceremony of “Christmas” try this:

For some Bible light on the pagan, pseudo-Christian, festival of “Easter”
try this:

Get the Bible facts about the Satanic festival of Valentine’s Day at this link:

The Massacring Evil, Financial and Political, of the False “Christian Churches”

We as born-again, Spirit-filled Christians belong to the True Church. That is not an organization, but a spiritual fellowship. You can’t join it, you are spiritually born into it by believing in the Messiah Jesus and receiving His living Spirit into your heart. It’s made up of all individuals who have done this, wherever they are, and however many or few they are. Together they form, in the sight of God, the Mystical Body of Christ. Each individual true believer is a member or part of Jesus’ Body and He is the Head Who controls it all. God deals with Israel as a NATION (they are God’s nation, and His only nation, under the Law given to them on Mount Sinai). God deals with the non-Israelites, the Gentiles, AS INDIVIDUALS, through the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. Now that is the true Church of Jesus, the Mystical Body of Christ.

On the other hand, since the corruption of the early Church in the Middle Ages, there are many false, so-called Christian CULTS or organizations, which a person JOINS. This is a different thing altogether. It was never ordained by God. Examples of these cult organizations are the Roman “Catholic” cult, the oldest of all, formed and organized at the Nicene Council in AD 325 under Emperor Constantine. That eventually split into two wings, the Western or Latin or Vatican form in Rome and the Eastern or Orthodox form in Greece and later Russia. Then after one thousand years of Dark Ages brought on by that cult came the Reformation, in the 16th and following centuries, when many true Spirit-filled Christians like Martin Luther and John Wesley etc. broke away, trying to reform individual Christians and get them back to the original true Spirit-filled way. Unfortunately their later followers formed multiple organizations themselves, imitating the bad practice of the “Mother” of organizations, Rome. So was formed the Lutheran cult organization, the Methodist cult organization, the Presbyterian cult organization, the Anglican cult organization, the Pentecostal cult organizations etc. etc. What a mess! But through it all there have been individuals in those organizations and out of them who have got filled with the Spirit of Christ and entered into the true Mystical Body of the Messiah.

Now at the end-time the false organizations are banding together, as prophesied in the Holy Bible under two main umbrella groups, the Roman “Catholic” cult and the Ecumenical movement also known as the World Council of “Churches”. They are the ANTI or FALSE so-called Churches versus the true Spirit-filled Church. As always the FALSE persecutes and outlaws and condemns the TRUE. The false also works by EARTHLY not by SPIRITUAL HEAVENLY SUPERNATURAL power. The FALSE Church uses POLITICS AND MONEY AND WAR to achieve its ends. In the end-time it’s prophesied the false cults will band together against the Spirit-filled Mystical TRUE Church, composed of believing Spirit-filled individuals, and against God’s chosen nation, Israel.

The false cults’ hatred of Israel explains why they form alliances with anti-Israel Muslim dictatorships. Via the Muslim dictators and terrorist groups they ATTACK ISRAEL. You can see many examples of this right now in the Middle East. For example, the murderous regime of Assad in Syria is massacring its own population as this is written, simply because they want freedom, and the whole Satanic regime is propped up BY ORTHODOX, SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN RUSSIA. So-called “Christian” America meanwhile DOES NOTHING TO STOP HIS MASSACRING, JUST LIKE THEY DID NOTHING TO STOP HITLER’S MASSACRING OF JEWS IN WORLD WAR 2. I suppose afterwards they’ll all “feel sorry”. Likewise in Saudi Arabia the massacring dictatorship of the current Saudi royal family, which suppresses the majority of the population in Bahrain with tanks and secret police IS PROPPED UP BY THE VATICAN OR ROMAN “CATHOLIC” CULT, USING ITS ALLIES IN THE USA. Also the Ecumenical movement or World Council of “Churches” regularly uses its vast monetary resources to support PALESTINIAN MAFIA TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS LIKE THE PLO AND HAMAS to attack and terrorize Israel. This explains the obsession of these cults with the Middle East. Now if you imagine that these so-called “Church” organizations don’t have political or military “clout”, you need a lesson in history. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Whoever HAS THE MONEY CONTROLS POLITICS.

Well, you might say, that means the colossal multi-national corporations control politics. To an extent that is true. But who controls the multi-national corporations???? Clearly the organizations WITH MORE MONEY THAN THEY HAVE. Now let’s take a very rough look at the financial clout of the Ecumenical movement, the World Council of “Churches”. This more or less represents the combined forces of the so-called Protestant organizations. These groups, of course, don’t like to spill the beans on how much money and assets they own — it would kinda give away their agenda. They’re not spiritual Christ-like organizations, they’re political regimes.

Still we can estimate the COLOSSAL SIZE OF THEIR FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL POWER by taking ONE SMALL item on their ASSETS-LIST and totting up its worth in dollars. The following gives a very underestimated total of their LOW-END PROPERTY ASSETS ONLY, that is the total of low-end Church buildings owned by these groups. It’s based on the market-value of the average Church property in Texas USA, and merely the kind of property they’d like to sell off right now, that is LOW-END. It doesn’t include the much better properties they want to keep (like CATHEDRALS, HUGE GREAT COMPLEXES ETC IN THE PLUSHEST PARTS OF THE LAND, particularly in CENTRAL CITY LOCATIONS). I would estimate if you included these you’d have to multiply the total by at least ten times. Also, it doesn’t include the enormous investments in land and infrastructure these super-rich organizations possess (malls, factories, commercial operations, legal and illegal), which is of vastly superior financial worth. Now just take this LOW-END ASSET LIST OF THROW-AWAY CHURCH BUILDINGS. Let me tell you the result before I give you the figures. The estimated low-end asset list value of the WCC (World Council of “Churches” or Ecumenical movement) in the developed world (USA and Europe combined) IS 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS. THAT BEATS HANDS-DOWN NUMBERS 1 AND 2 OF THE MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE, APPLE AND EXXON-MOBIL, who total a measly $528.38 billion and $391.67 billion respectively. POOR NEIGHBORS! THE VATICAN IS MUCH RICHER THAN THE WORLD COUNCIL OF “CHURCHES” OF COURSE SINCE IT’S BEEN GOING FOR A COUPLE OF THOUSAND YEARS OR SO.

In the following rough calculation of low-end property assets WCC stands for World Council of “Churches”:

$28,884,238 sale value of 25 church buildings Texas area. Therefore average value $1,155,369.52 or approx. $1,000,000 per property.

Of the Episcopalian churches: “He took most of the Diocese of Fort Worth with him: 48 churches, 15,000 parishioners, and more than 58 clergy.”

Episcopalians 69 churches Dallas diocese. Total Dallas-FW = 117

Round total value Dallas-FW = $100,000,000.

WCC “A worldwide fellowship of 349 churches seeking unity”

Say top 5 of the WCC organizations are roughly equivalent to Episcopalians in property low-end

Rough estimate: half these churches have half the property value.

Other half has equivalent to a single “ecumenical property value unit”

Therefore, total WCC property value = $100,000,000 x 5 + $50,000,000 x 172 + $1,000,000 x 172
= 500,000,000 + 8,600,000,000 + 172,000,000 = $9,272,000,000

Approx $10 billion (low end). Population of Dallas-FW metroplex approx. 6.5 million. USA population approx 312 million.

Therefore proportionately total US WCC property value = 312/6.5 x 9,272,000,000 = 48 x 9,272,000,000 = $445,056,000,000

Approx $450 billion.

12% of world population lives in North America Western Europe

World Population = approx. 7,000,000,000
12% = 840,000,000 therefore 840/6.5 = approx 129

129 x 9,272,000,000 = 1,196,088,000,000 = property value WCC developed world (low end), approx $1.1 trillion

Compare current approx market value of Exxon Mobil = $391.67 billion

1 United States Apple Electronics $528.38 billion
2 United States Exxon Mobil Oil and gas $391.67 billion
3 United States Microsoft Information technology $261.46 billion
4 China PetroChina Oil and gas $246.83 billion
5 United States IBM Information technology $233.09 billion
6 United States Wal-Mart Retailing $222.10 billion
7 Hong Kong China Mobile Telecommunications $204.64 billion
8 Netherlands United Kingdom Royal Dutch Shell Oil and gas $203.19 billion
9 United States General Electric Conglomerate $203.16 billion
10 United States AT&T Telecommunications $199.74 billion