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Following are links to PDF, html, mp3 and other files which expose the evils of the “Roman Catholic” system. A strong stomach would be helpful!

1. The testimony of an ex-nun of the Carmelite order, Sister Charlotte Keckler: Sister Charlotte Keckler was born in 1898, and entered the convent in 1911. Between the Wars she spent 22 years in cloistered convents, then escaped, only to be recaptured and to spend another 28 months in convents till she escaped the second time. A few years thereafter, in 1945, she experienced Christian salvation, and began giving this testimony throughout the United States and Canada. For the first half of the twentieth century she was a slave to apostate religion and in the second half, she got her liberty and her vocation, helping nuns to escape the same conventual prison she had suffered in, and testifying to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Charlotte lived her last years in Napa, California, and was a faithful saint of New Life Tabernacle, a United Pentecostal Church in that city, until she received her reward in glory, September 28, 1983. Her pastor was Rev. Paul Price at the time. The full story of her life can be read in the book, “From Convent to Pentecost” dictated by Sister Charlotte to Nilah Rutledge in 1957, with the request that it would only be published after her death, and published in 1999 by Rose of Sharon Books, Box 2183, East Dartmouth, Halifax, NS, B2W 3Y2, Canada. Her story can be verified by contacting T. F. Tenney, Superintendant, Louisiana District, UPCI (United Pentecostal Church) and Rev. Paul Price, Superintendent, Western District, UPCI, USA. She frequently gave public testimonies like the following in the 50s and 60s. A copy of From Convent to Pentecost can be downloaded in PDF format here and viewed in HTML to read online here. There is a link below (PDF) to two live testimonies given by Sister Carlotte on different occasions. The first transcribed Testimony on the PDF file gives rather more detail than the MP3 audio testimony about Sister Charlotte’s experiences after her first convent escape, and also about her conversion, and of her encounter with the healing power of Jesus at a Brother William Branham meeting. At the end of the first transcribed Testimony there is a transcript of the MP3 audio testimony. May the Lord Jesus bless and enlighten you as you listen and read.

You can download these mp3 files of Sister Charlotte’s live testimony.
The Testimony of Charlotte Keckler #1 (MP3 file) full length 45 mins.
The Testimony of Charlotte Keckler #2 (MP3 file) full length 47 mins.

“From Convent to Pentecost” — the Testimony of Charlotte Keckler as dictated to Nilah Rutledge.

PDF file of the Testimony of Charlotte Keckler (containing two transcripts of this Sister’s testimony given on different occasions).

2. Authenticated and ongoing cases of Organized Crime, including pedophilia etc. etc. against the Vatican.
Authenticated cases of organized crime, pedophila etc. etc. by the Vatican System

3. Nun Abuse in India.
PDF file of an AP report on nun-abuse by Romanist priests in India. Also Video (mp4) of Interview on attempts to suppress reporting of abuse of nuns in India.

4. The Testimony of Maria Monk.
The amazing and horrendous account of Maria Monk’s experiences in the 19th century in a Canadian convent. Maria, as you will see, was an accomplished, witty and charming individual, and managed to preserve those characteristics in spite of her dark experiences.
PDF file of the Testimony of Maria Monk.

5. Another nun’s testimony from the 19th century, Barbara Ubryk, PDF file

6. The testimony of an Open Order nun, 19th century, Miss Bunkley, PDF file.

7. Nuns and Nunneries: testimonies compiled from the Vatican’s own authorities, Download link to PDF file.
In case you think the abuse testimonies here are just one-offs, read this illuminating book. It dates from the days when these things were commonly known, when England was beginning to get “re-infected” with convents at the beginning of the 19th century. This is a great book, as it uses almost exclusively EVIDENCE FROM ACCEPTED VATICAN AUTHORITIES. Read what Vatican leaders themselves admit about the conditions and abuses in convents. It goes back right into the beginning of the system in the early Church days and brings it up into the 19th century. If you read the testimony of Maria Monk plus the Ex-Nun’s Testimony as well (both downloadable on this page) you can get the horrific record of abuse up-to-date to the present day.

8. Recent Documentary about Current Abuse of Nuns.
Multiple recent testimonies of nuns across the world sexually abused by priests. This abuse is admitted by top Vatican authorities to be systemic. Includes admissions by a personal attaché to the current head of the Roman Catholic cult (the “Pope”).

9. The real story of how the Roman “Catholic” Church was formed — not by Saint Peter, but by the corruption of an initially pure little Christian assembly in Rome by Satanically-inspired imposters: The First Church of Rome (left-click here to open in your browser), or PDF to print out The First Church of Rome (right-click here, Save As …)

10. Peter Never Was in Rome, in standard HTML (left-click here, to open in your browser …). Or, to print out, in PDF format: Peter Never Was in Rome (right-click here, Save As …) — proof that the Apostle Peter never was in Rome during his lifetime and how his corpse was stolen and placed there centuries later.

11. “The Great Bible Text Fraud” in standard HTML to read online (left-click here). Or, to print out, in PDF format: “The Great Bible Text Fraud” (link to download page …) — shows how the Romanist Bible, the so-called “Vulgate”, was concocted from a set of heretical texts by Jerome in the fourth century AD, and how it caused the corruption of many other Bible texts around today. Still God PRESERVED His TRUE BIBLE TEXT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT in the Byzantine text printed by Stephanus in AD 1550, as well as the Old Testament in the original Hebrew.

12. The Cult of the Nicolaitans and Bishop Nicolaus of Myra, in standard HTML, to read in your browser (left-click here). Or, to print out, in PDF format: The Cult of the Nicolaitans and Bishop Nicolaus of Myra (right-click here, Save As …) — How the cult of “Santa Claus” (Bishop Nicolaus of Myra) and the Christmas Tree etc. sprung out of the ancient heresy of the Nicolaitans, and how Roman Catholicism in the West and Greek/Russian Orthodoxism in the East both developed out of the same weird cult.


  1. Absolutely the so-called “pope” of Rome is Antichrist. Revelation chapters 13 and 17 tell us that the Beast (the Antichrist) is a power sitting on the city of seven hills which controlled the world in John the Apostle’s time. That was the city of Rome. Also this Beast lasts till the end-time then is destroyed by Christ at Armageddon. Also this Beast carries a “woman” (Church) which holds in its hand a communion cup filled with the blood of saints, that is the communion of saints doctrine of the so-called Catholic Church. No doubt about it. If you want more info. please listen to the last-day prophet William Branham preaching on this on the Book of Revelation at the following link on this site: or in the Seven Church Ages book by Brother Branham at the following link on this site:

  2. Thank you my friend for your concern. There are many precious Catholic (and “Protestant”) souls in bondage right now without knowing it. I hope you will join with us in helping them out of this bondage by transmitting to them the Love of God in Jesus Christ.

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