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  2. Dear Brother Richard

    Peace and love in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the Image of our eternal Father, God Almighty. May this humble comment find you well. This comment is meant for your eyes only and does not have to appear on your website if it does not please you.

    I am an unknown brother in Christ from an assembly in Cape Town, South Africa who currently, by the will of the Lord, resides in Harbin, China.

    Dear brother, thank you for your site which seeks to share the truth of the Gospel, and makes available lovely content related to that truth. But, in Christian love, and in humility of the Holy Spirit, this brother feels the attitude adopted here in some of your comments is grieving that Spirit. We do NOT find in the Scripture this, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to tell you anti-semetic idiots to shut your pie-holes!” This is not becoming language to use against anyone, whether saint, sinner or even inanimate objects. Brother Branham did use cutting words at times but that was under the anointing of the Holy Ghost in the heat of the moment. We are cooly sitting behind our computer screens. It is not the same, my brother. Consider this, when our Lord spoke to the Pharisees, He called them snakes and children of the devil, but when saint Stephen spoke to those same people, behold what he called them, “brothers and fathers” (Acts 7:2).

    Brother, I remember an old song we use to sing, “Room, room, yes there is room, there is room at the fountain for me…” But when reading some of these comments, I feel in my heart the song changes to, “No room, no room, no there is no room, there is no room at the fountain for me”! We are in this world but not of it. We do not agree with Christmas and Valentine’s and Halloween but that is just our standpoint. A preacher from our group can stand up and preach, “Well what about Wednesday? It refers to Wodin the god of the Norse. What about January? It refers to Janus the god of the Romans. What about Mazda (the car brand)? It refers to Mazda to god of the Persians. What about Canon (the electronics brand)? It refers to Canon the god of the Japanese. Do you have new names for the days and months? Will you toss out your printer?(sarcasm)

    Dear brother, by the help of our Lord Jesus may we not be like snakes which strike out at anything it perceives as a danger, injecting venom just because it can. There IS room at the fountain. There is a place for each person. We have received a high calling, yes, but we do not reach the heights by stepping on others’ heads. Up is down! The man who God used to bring in the Law is described like this, “Moses was a very humble man, more so than any man on the face of the earth” (Numbers 12:3) When brother Branham’s town was visited by other ministers for big meetings, he closed his assembly for the day and had his people attend those big meetings. Meetings led by Trinitarian denominational Christmas preachers!

    In ending, “What does it help us to know great truth about the Godhead but not have humility and thus be displeasing to the Godhead?” (Paraphrasing from The Imitation of Christ)

    May the Lord our God be each ones’ portion in love of God, patience with all and simplicity of mind, knowing that knowledge puffs up but love edifies and bears all. Amen

  3. Thank you my friend for your comments, unctuous though they be. Being indirect in judgment of others is still judgment of others. Judge not lest ye be judged, said our Messiah, Jesus. We must not use our fallible human judgment to decide what is sin. Christians judge only by the Word of God. Thus, while pretending not to, you actually accuse me of being arrogant, hateful in speech, overdogmatic over points of doctrine, lacking in humility, blasphemous etc. etc. I would remind you that sin is transgression of the Law of God as revealed on Mount Sinai. It is not for you or anyone else to decide what is sin. Thus something might appear to YOU to be sinful and wrong, but God’s Word ALONE determines what is wrong. Please be more specific in your allegations and show me one thing I have said on this site that is wrong ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF GOD. Otherwise, as you put it, “shut your pie-hole”. Incidentally, you use a blasphemous phrase and so quote it as though I used that expression, thus: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to tell you anti-semetic idiots to shut your pie-holes!” I never said such a thing anywhere. I used (correctly) the term “anti-Semitic idiots in the Protestant camp” to refer to pseudo-Calvinist heretics who attack the Jews. They truly are “idiots” (which means “fools”) and Jesus Himself used the term “fools” many times, even in relation to his disciples (“Fools and slow of heart to believe” etc. etc.). So that is perfectly Scriptural. You owe me an apology for that one alone. So I repeat show me where I have erred BY THE BIBLE, otherwise you yourself will come under God’s judgment, as Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount. Incidentally a true born-again Christian would keep as far away as possible from the Romanist pseudo-babble of a Kempis’ Imitation of Christ. Born-again Christians open their hearts up for the Spirit of Christ to live through them, they do not foolishly attempt to “imitate Christ”.

  4. God bless you brother Richard
    Thank you for your honest and quick response. I apologise for being in the wrong.
    Peace and love to all through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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