The Satanic poison of Valentine’s day

Here comes another pagan feast pretending to be Christian! Yes it’s Valentine’s Day, or should we say “Saint” Valentine’s Day? Time to fornicate in spirit or otherwise, all because of a Roman “Catholic” so-called “saint”. This is just another example of the Vatican-Freemason hijacking of the calendar. The tawdry little festival of “Cupid” known as Valentine’s Day is promoted across the globe at the American taxpayers’ expense and in the mass-media owned by the Vatican and Freemason elites.

What’s the game? you might ask. Well simple. All these pagan ceremonies and festivals were adopted by the Vatican in olden times to mix paganism with Christianity so as to form a single, splurge “One World Religion”. All the backbone of Christianity and all its high moral standards could then be drowned in a sea of religious gobbledeygook. The Protestant Freemasons came along later, and having dumped true Protestantism along the road, they took up the pagan, so-called Christian, ceremonies of the Vatican.

Naturally, the sex-drugs culture of the pagans went hand-in-hand with the ceremonies and festivals. Another excuse for a holiday, another excuse for a fornicating little party. So the patriarchal, moral, healthy anti-fornication, anti-drug culture of real Christianity was rejected, if not outlawed altogether. You can see that process still operating today.

So, what’s the details about the little “Cupid” feast, Valentine’s Day? Well the “venerable” (so-called) Bede, an early Roman “Catholic” psycho-scholar (around AD 700), tells us the facts about the Cupid-feast. The record is found in his book De Temporum Ratione, chapter 12. He says there was an ancient ceremony in pagan Rome, called the Februatio, the “Purging” or “Purification”, in the early part of the month February. February is when the sun is in the astrological sign of Pisces, the Two Fishes whom the pagans identified with Venus and Cupid, and that’s where our little nude demon Cupid comes into the picture. When the Roman “Catholic” cult incorporated this pagan ceremony into their “liturgy” they changed it to the feast of the “Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. But most people, of course, forget that now, ‘cos the Virgin Mary has gone out of the window along with virgins generally. They only remember it as the “Cupid feast”.

The pagans called it “Purification” (ha-ha) because they believed they were “purged” of their lustful sins and excesses (which were many) by the celebration of these idol rites, accompanied with sexual orgies (strange way of “purifying” oneself!).

There was an actual, original “purification” of Mary and that was a different thing altogether — it was the sacrifice offered in the Temple at Jerusalem, as ordained by God in the Law of Moses, at the close of forty days after the birth of her wonderful virgin-born child, the Messiah Jesus. All Israelite new mothers did this sacrifice, after the birth of a child. Mary’s child Jesus, of course, was not born in the winter, and Mary did not offer her purification-sacrifice in February, as the Roman “Catholics” claim she did. This is so because Jesus was born around April (April 2 is the earliest historical date for His birth), when the shepherds were out in the fields looking after the new-born Spring lambs. So Mary came to the Temple to offer her purification-sacrifice 40 days after that, say around the middle of May.

The original Hebrew “purification” was turned now into the pagan February “Purification” orgy. It was a typical con by the Roman pseudo-Christians — take a pagan ceremony, find some remote verbal link with the Bible and claim the pagan and Biblical ceremonies were the same. The excuse was that the pagans would thereby be “converted” to Christianity without any undue burden of actually changing their lifestyles. The pagan multitudes (as well as the Vatican priests) of Rome could still practice their Februatio sex-orgies, but could now be called “Christians” by the “church” hierarchy. They could claim they were celebrationg the “Purification” (Februatio) of the Virgin Mary! What a wonderful “conversion” it was, the “conversion” of ancient Rome!

The days of February ran on to the 13th and then began the 9 days of real fun for pagan Romans — yes, the worship of dead ancestors! This was a “purification” festival of the typical February variety, a time to “purify” the soul by getting right with the spirits of the departed. Now all the earliest heretics, who mixed paganism with Christianity, celebrated the birth of their sun-god “Osiris-Jesus” on January 6th (the day Osiris the sun-god was “born” at the winter solstice in Egypt in the ancient eastern pagan system). Since Jesus’ mother Mary went through her historical purification ritual in the Temple 40 days after Jesus’ birth, these eastern heretics now dogmatically claimed Mary was “purified” on the 14th February, that is, 40 days inclusive after the sun-god’s “birth” on January 6th, quite opposite to the historical facts. So they combined the memory of her Hebrew “purification” with the worship of dead ancestors (also conveniently called the “purification”) that was going on at that time of year in Rome. They began to worship the Virgin Mary, as a dead spirit, using the same candles the pagans used to pray to their dead relatives. The 14th of February was now called the “Day of Saint Mary”. They celebrated a “mass” (meal for the dead) for Mary, with lighted candles, and marched through the city with these candles in their hands, just as the pagans ate meals with candles at the tombs of their ancestors, and marched through the streets with candles in their hands. It was later called “Candlemas” for that reason.

One little extra here — out of “respect” for their dead ancestors the Romans shut all the temples during the nine days of this feast of the dead (called the Parentalia or “Ancestors” festival, lasting from the 13th to the 21st February), and also did not allow anyone to get married during that time. Obviously it would not be appropriate to have a happy marriage feast lighting up the town when everyone was supposed to be remembering their dead ancestors. So this was a festival in which marriage-vows were forbidden. If any “love” was going on, it was not the knot-tying variety. See a resemblance there to something? Bede says the “Christians” (meaning the Vatican cult) dressed up this pagan festival by saying the “virgins” (unmarried women) procesing through the streets with their candles (for the dead spirits) were the “virgins” of Christ’s parable of the wise virgins: they likewise had lighted candles in their hand, and were “waiting for their bridegroom”! This was definitely a Cupid-fest for the unmarried, especially when there were many other pagan feasts going on concurrently (like the Lupercalia festival on the 15th of February), with party-going and drunken revelry at its height.

Here you need to know a little about the Vatican’s “virgins”. These were the “nuns” or “sisters”. They said they were “waiting for their bridegroom”, meaning, in the Bible sense, for the heavenly Bridegroom, Christ. The catch was, the local Vatican priest said he WAS Christ! So really these “virgins” were the fornicating prostitutes of the Vatican priesthood. Now, let’s examine the Virgin Mary theory underpinning this debauchery. The real historical “purification” of Mary was the ceremony in the Temple at Jerusalem by which the ritual defilement of childbirth was taken off, so the couple (in this case Joseph and Mary) could now have married sex together. Well, of course, that was contrary to the Vatican’s cult-dogma which stated Mary had ALWAYS REMAINED A VIRGIN, because she was a “divine” spirit, untainted with original sin. According to their twisted idea she was the “Bride of God” only, and never, never, had sex with Joseph, oh goodness, no. This is opposite to what the Bible says, as that tells us Mary had sex with Joseph after the birth of Jesus (Matthew’s Gospel ch. 1 verse 25). And likewise, incidentally with those Vatican “virgins” who worshiped Mary: they (supposedly) “always stayed virgin” and were the “Brides of Christ” only — but, as we have just said, Christ was in this case the Vatican priest. They worshiped Mary as a dead divine spirit in the “Purification” and, like her, were “dead” in the sense that they died to the world — or so they claimed. Unfortunately they died to the normal sinful life of Rome and were reborn into the even more sinful life of cultic delusion. Still today closed-order nuns go through a symbolic burial in a coffin when they take their final vows. So really we have in this festival the celebration of pseudo-Christian fornication. Yes, precisely.

The Vatican cult hit a little problem with the date of their “Purification” feast. They celebrated Christ’s birth 12 days earlier than the original heretics, who were mainly Near-Eastern in origin. The ancient Roman date for the winter solstice, the “birth” of the sun-god, was December 25th, not January 6th as in the East. Therefore Mary’s “Purification” (40 days after Jesus’ birth) fell 12 days earlier too according to the Vatican’s theory. So the Vatican switched the date of “Saint Mary Day” 12 days back from the 14th February to the 2nd February. This was still within the month of February and therefore under the dominion of the “infernal powers” according to Roman paganism. They allowed the common people to continue celebrating their Cupid-feast on what they now called “Valentine’s Day” February 2nd. The Eastern Roman cult in Armenia stuck with the original system, and to this day celebrate the “Purification of Mary” on the 14th. They still believe it “purges out” evil spirits and ensures sexual fertility.

Every day in the calendar was dedicated to some so-called saint by the heretics, and this day, the 14th February, happened to be the “saint”-day of someone called Valentine. He was a Christian martyr — or maybe not really a martyr, but someone just executed by the authorities for his crimes. He had been beheaded on the 14th February in the long distant past. Now they could call it “Saint” Valentine’s day. So it stands today. The dubiousness of this supposed “saint’s” character is even admitted by modernist Roman “Catholic” scholars, and they have dropped the name Valentine altogether from the latest church-calendars. But of course they haven’t dropped the so-called “Purification of Mary” feast, which is the real deal on this mixed pagan-Christian Cupid-fest.

Because the Vatican cult in Rome had changed the feast-day, they needed another pagan festival with lamps and torches to “authenticate” their pagan-cum-“Christian” celebration, and there wasn’t one on the new date of February 2nd in Rome. But just when it was needed, the Sicilians came to the rescue. In Sicily the pagans had a festival at the beginning of February: this was a memorial feast commemorating the time the earth-goddess Ceres searched for her missing daughter, Cora, who had been raped by the god of Hell, Pluto (Pluto being the patron-god of February). The goddess Ceres was believed to have searched for her daughter with torches in her hand to pierce the darkness of the night, lit from the underworld fires of Mount Etna, and thus torches were carried ever afterwards in that ceremony, called the Amburbalia, the “Procession round the city”. So the Roman pseudo-Christians now said Mary was the same as the pagan “Great Goddess” and — hey presto! the lamps of Mary’s “Purification” festival were just the updated version of the lamps, lights and torches of Ceres!

Now, Satanism works by spells (magic words and formulas) and by ceremonies (magic acts). If a person participates in these he binds himself by evil forces. That means: just to take part in a Satanic ceremony is to bind your soul in bondage to demons.

A Holy-Ghost filled Christian, of course, would never take part in such a thing, or use magic words to achieve a stated purpose. So, Satan being aware of these facts he gets Christians to take part in his Satanic rituals by deception. One trick is to invite Christians to a festival or party which is actually a Satanic ritual-feast. That’s what the Apostle Paul said the Israelites did in their Desert Wanderings — they committed idolatry just by sitting down to the feast of the Golden Calf and Baal-Peor (a Satanic idol), and by getting up after the meal and playing “games” at the party.

Paul says this about it: 1 Corinthians 10 7 “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Notice Paul calls these backslidden Israelites “idolaters” because they “sat down to eat” and “rose up to play”. Once the Israelites got into the “party-spirit” they started to get drunk and commit fornication with the sexy-dressed girls of the worshipers of Baal-Peor. Notice it was not necessary for them actually to worship the idol physically — they just “went to the party”. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Satan does now using the so-called “Christian” festivals which were created by the pagan Vatican cult known as the “Roman Catholic Church”. He gets Christians to come to the party at his Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween festivals, which are all pagan Roman Satanic feasts dressed up with “Christian” names and titles. So in the Name of the Lord Jesus, keep away from them!

Notice how these pagan feasts were deliberately chosen to imitate, in a Devilish fashion, the ancient feasts of Israel, which happened at these same times of year:

Hanukkah = Christmas (Jewish 25th Kislev = “Christian” 25th December)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Birth of the Roman sun-god, Sol Invictus, in the depths of the Winter Underworld. So it was dated to the time of the Winter Solstice (December 25), when the sun is lowest in the sky, after which the sun increases in strength (“growing after the birth”). Please note, in this case, even the Jewish feast (Hanukkah, the feast of “lights”) was a copy of the pagan Greek festival of “lights”, the Dionysia festival, celebrating the birth of the Greek sun-god Dionysus at the Winter Solstice, and was never ordained by God in the Law of Moses. It was slipped into Judaism a couple of hundred years or so before Christ, when the Greek dictator Antiochus Epiphanes “paganized” the Temple for a few years, as prophesied by Daniel 11:30.

Purim = Valentine’s Day (Jewish 13th Adar = “Christian” 13th/14th February)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of Dead Ancestors, the “Purification” of the Parentalia, changed later into the Amburbalia or Search of the goddess Ceres for Cora. Cora was the moon-goddess of the dark winter nights who “disappeared into the Underworld” at this time of year, when the dark nights get shorter. Cora was called Despoina, “Mistress”, or Madonna, and was therefore equated with Mary, who had those same pagan titles in Romanist “theology”. Six months later, as the nights grow dark again, and the winter moon becomes more prominent, Cora “ascended” up to heaven: so likewise Mary is blasphemously said to have been “assumed” (taken up) to heaven, after a complete 6 months following the “Day of Saint Mary” (which was originally 14th February) on the “Feast of the Assumption” (August 15th).

Passover = Easter (Jewish full moon of Spring Equinox month Nisan, plus seven days = “Christian” nearest Sunday following full moon of Spring Equinox)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Megalensia, in honor of the goddess Ceres, a.k.a. Cybele, when her son, the sun-god, came into his summer phase, or, as the pagans put it, was “resurrected from the Underworld”. This was believed to have happened on the Spring Equinox, March 25. The pseudo-Christians of Rome celebrate this “resurrection” on the nearest “sun-day” (to honor the sun-god) following the full-moon immediately after the Spring Equinox.

Pentecost = Pascha Rosata or Whitsunday (Jewish seven weeks after Passover = “Christian” Whitsunday seven weeks after Easter)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of Rosalia, when the dead were celebrated with rose-garlands. The red roses were believed to be the flowers which sprouted in the spring from the earth (Underworld) where the sun-god died in winter, stained red with his blood. Dead heroes were worshiped on this day, as if they were the “flowers” of the sun-god, and the Romanist pseudo-Christians worship their so-called “saints” at this feast in a continuation of the pagan rite.

17th of Tammuz Fast of Three Weeks = Feast of John the Baptist (Jewish midsummer fast = “Christian” celebration of John the “burning light” on 24th June, 6 months before midwinter Christmas Eve Mass, 24th December)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Midsummer Solstice, when fires were lit or rolled down, for the death of Tammuz, or Mithras, or Sol, the sun-god, who fell into the Underworld then, and was mourned with fasting, as the sun begins to descend from its highest point in the sky. The Bible references to John the Baptist as the “burning light” in the Gospel of John 5. 35, who must “decrease” as Jesus must “increase” (Gospel of John 3. 30), were twisted to turn John the Baptist into the sun and light god Janus-Mithras-Sol, who “decreases” in brightness from this time on, whilst Jesus was worshiped as the sun and light god who “increases” after “being born” in midwinter. In this case, too, even the Midsummer Solstice festival of the Jews, like the Jewish Midwinter Solstice festival Hanukkah, was a pagan import into Judaism from the cult of the Babylonian sun-god Tammuz (see Zechariah 8:19, Ezekiel 8:14). You can see they are based on pagan sun-worship because they are dated to the two times in the year when the sun is highest and brightest (Midsummer), and lowest and coolest (Midwinter). By contrast, the God-ordained feasts of Israel are regulated by the moon’s movements and cycles, not by those of the sun. The backslidden Jews had these two pagan sun-festivals, but the pseudo-Christian cults multiplied such practices and filled their whole year with them.

Tabernacles = Halloween (Jewish seventh month from Spring Equinox, “Christian” likewise)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Pantheon, of “All the Gods”, renamed the Feast of “All the Saints”. It is celebrated on the night of the 31st October/1st November, because that is when the dead sun-god’s body was believed to have been “discovered” by his lover, the goddess Ceres, that is, in the “deadness” of the winter foliage.

Satan gets the Vatican and Freemason cults to imitate the Jews in order to “replace” Israel as God’s nation, which they will never manage to do. That’s why these cults are anti-Semitic (though they deny it). Watch them today sneakily attacking Israel and all Bible-believing groups, Jewish and Christian. All true born-again Christians should have nothing to do with these heretical Vatican and Protestant-cum-Freemason cults or with their evil, Satanic festivals.


Relevant quotes from ancient writers confirming these facts:

Bede De Temporum Ratione, AD 725, chap. 12: “The second month he {that is King Numa of Rome} called after Februus, that is Pluto, who was believed to rule over purificatory sacrifice. In that month in which [Numa] ordained that justice be done to the divine spirits of the dead, the city was obliged to make purificatory sacrifices. But the Christian religion altered this custom of purificatory sacrifice for the better, when in that same month, on the Day of Saint Mary, the whole populace with the priests and ministers goes on procession through the churches and the city neighborhoods, all singing devout hymns, and carrying in their hands burning candles given them by the bishop. As this good custom grew, it provided a model for other feasts of the blessed Mother and perpetual Virgin as well, not in the five-year lustration of a worldly empire, but in the everlasting memory of the heavenly kingdom where, according to the parable of the wise virgins, all the elect shall go out to meet the Bridegroom, their King, with the lamps of their good deeds alight, and then shall enter into the heavenly city with Him.”

“Pope” Innocent III (AD 1198-1216): “Why do we carry lighted candles at this festival {that is at Candlemas}? The answer may be derived from the book of Wisdom, where it is said (ch. 14: 23) that the heathen offered sacrifices at night (sacrificia obscura). The Gentiles, indeed, had devoted the month of February to the infernal deities, because, as they ignorantly believed, it was at the beginning of this month that Pluto had ravished Proserpine. Ceres, her mother, had, according to their belief, sought her through Sicily for a whole night by the light of torches kindled at the flames of Etna. In commemoration of this, they every year, at the beginning of February, traveled the city during the night bearing lighted torches, whence this festival was called amburbale. But the holy fathers, being unable to abolish this custom, decided that lighted candles should be carried in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary; and thus what was formerly done for Ceres is done to-day in honor of the Virgin, and what was done formerly for Proserpine is now done in the praise of Mary” (Innocent III, Opera, “Serm. I. in fest. purif. Mariae,” fol. 47, col. 2, ed. Coloniae, 1552).

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  1. Blessings in Jesus. Not many normal males wish to be sucked into the perverted lifestyle of your typical Romanist priest. That is why recruitment is hard. In fact, you will find most Romanist priests have originated from the pervert orphanage background of your typical third-world Romanist ruined society, hence they are already psychologically damaged individuals. Incidentally I am open to any evidence you have that any statement in the above article is not valid and true. Please go ahead if you can.

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