Gospel Videos

Two great videos of the End-Time Prophet testifying to his miraculous call and ministering to the sick. You may need to pause these videos occasionally to let them buffer, because of their size, or you can download them from the links provided.
20th Century Prophet: Brother Branham’s Testimony

(Right-click on the link below and “Save As ….” to download)
20th Century Prophet (mp4)
20th Century Prophet (wmv)
Deep Calleth to the Deep: healing the sick and afflicted in Washington DC

(Right-click on the link below and “Save As ….” to download)
Deep Calleth to the Deep (mp4)
Or in WMV format:
Deep Calleth to the Deep (wmv)
1 Corinthians 1. 21: “It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”
Other Videos (mp4 Format)
Credit: Grandpa’s Neighbors: see them for updates on facebook.com
God Is Good

Thankyou Lord

Down In the River To Pray

My Lord Keeps A Record

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Credit: “Souldiers” @ www.youtube.com/user/robert1995qb
Download video:

David and Goliath:
Credit: Music — Ishmael and Andy. Lyrics — Psalm 139:6-12. Video — King David 1985
Download video:

Jerusalem of Gold (in Hebrew):
Youtube User: Yael Lavie.
Singer: Ofra Haza.
Lyrics: Naomi Shemer 1967.
Download video:
Jerusalem of Gold


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