Slam dunk proof the Bible is RIGHT!

Are you sick of the whining critics? They got nothing better to do than attack God’s Word, the Holy Bible. They set up their whole so-called “education” system to undermine the Gospel of the lovely Lord Jesus, the Ten Commandments, and anything else in the sacred covers. Now here’s two discoveries that are slam-dunk proof the Bible is RIGHT !

First one of the most amazing records in the Bible is how God smote Nebuchadnezzar II, the great king of Babylon, with madness because of his pride, but then restored him to health after seven “times” (= years), so that he worshiped the One True God. You can read it all in Daniel chapter 4. What a God! And what a man! Imagine this mighty, powerful, incredibly competent king, who built the Neo-Babylonian Empire single-handed (because God enabled him, though he didn’t know it at the time), imagine him reduced to a slobbering animal. (As pictured above by William Blake.) At the end of his punishment he praised the God of heaven and sent a testimony out across the world. The miraculous thing is — a copy of this testimony has been discovered by archaeologists amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. But you never heard this, because little bits of it were translated wrong (whoops!!!), so it was called in the Press a “Prayer of Nabonidus”. No you nutcases, it’s the Testimony of Nebuchadnezzar, proving God’s Word is true. Here’s the fragments of the document from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the proper translation below it. Read! Believe!



1. When the king of {Babel?} had completed his time of going on all fours, for the duration of which he went on all fours and tore prey with his hands …………….

2. With a vile sore [of the kind found on an animal’s back], by the command of G{od………………..}

3. Smitten as a beast for seven years and wh{oever? ……………}

4. And his sins were forgiven him by a seer a Je{w………………….}

5. He announced and caused a document to be published and let it be proclaimed and ………………

6. Smitten as a beast with a sore [of the kind found on an animal’s back] with ………………………….

7. Seven years going on all fours as a beast ……………………….

8. wood, stone and clay whoever(?) ……………..

There are a few other fragments with less writing but this is the main piece miraculously preserved by God for us to read today. Notice how in line 4 it says “his sins were forgiven him by a seer a Je{w.” which is not the way a Hebrew would have talked about Daniel (the Jewish seer who prayed for Nebuchadnezzar), showing this was not a Jewish composition, but an actual copy of the proclamation mentioned in line 5. You can read the full facts about this amazing find at the following links on the Christian Hospitality site: and

Nebuchadnezzar the constructor of Babylon


You heard the ramblings of trendies and Sodomite activists claiming Israel never invaded the land of Canaan, etc. etc. They got this idea that Israel somehow just “grew into Israel” in the land out of a mongrel set of degenerates, vagabonds etc. Well that’s because they hate the FACT that the God of Israel IS REAL! Yes, He REALLY delivered the Israelites from Egypt under the prophet Moses and He REALLY led them into the land of Canaan under the prophet Joshua, and miraculously DEFEATED the Canaanites, DRIVING ‘EM PLUMB OUT OF THE COUNTRY, DESTROYING THEIR RIDICULOUS AND EVIL PAGAN TEMPLES, SLAUGHTERING EVERYONE WHO RESISTED. THAT’S GOD — HE DOES AS HE CHOOSES. Now, to prove all this, there was a discovery made in Egypt a century and more ago in the capital of Akhenaten king of Egypt. That was a cache of letters sent by the desperate Canaanites to Pharaoh begging him for help against the invading “Habiru” as they called them — that is, Hebrews in our language. Well you couldn’t get plainer than that, could you? The time was just right, as the Bible said around 1400-1350 BC. So to get out of it the anti-Bible critics started questioning who these Habiru were!! If you blind your eyes to truth you’re left with big problems, and that’s what these laughable critics got. They’re still trying to explain today who these Habiru were ‘cos they rejected the plain and obvious truth staring them in the face.

OK. Now, one of the most miraculous events of this God-led invasion was when Joshua stopped the sun setting by the power of God, when he needed more daylight to finish a battle. The whole history is found in the Book of Joshua in the Bible chapter 10. You will see there that the Canaanite king of Jerusalem at that time was called Adoni-zedek. That very name for the king of Jerusalem has been found on a letter written on a clay-tablet sent to Pharaoh by a commander in Jerusalem complaining about the invading Habiru (Hebrews). I still don’t know why this name has been MISTRANSLATED by every so-called “scholar” who’s read this letter — SUSPICIOUS, HUH? There’s only a few letters from Jerusalem found in the cache, so it should have been obvious that one of them just might be from Adoni-zedek??? Yes??? Here’s a photocopy of the letter written on the clay-tablet with the name Adoni-zedek highlighted in yellow. The name is pronounced a little different by the Canaanites as opposed to the Hebrews. The Hebrews pronounced it Adoni-zedek, the Canaanites Adunia-zaduk or Adunia-saduq, but it’s the same name exactly. You can read the full facts about this amazing discovery at the following link to another page on this site:

Above: A photograph of the clay tablet on which this letter is written, with the name Adunia-saduq, the Biblical Adoni-zedek, highlighted. The five cuneiform signs spelling the name are as follows: Adun(EN)-ia-sa-du-uq, which is Adoni-zedek (Joshua 10. 1-27) in Hebrew. The commander of the garrison in Jerusalem says to Pharaoh in this part of the letter: “… (they have) given the land of the king [to] the Habiru (the Hebrews). Consider (this), the king Adunia-saduq (that is, Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem) is against me (that is, he didn’t agree with the commander’s strategy against the Habiru).”

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  1. Honest question – why would you want to follow a “god” who has to resort to physical violence to get you to follow him? Also, if this “god” you speak of truly has all of the power in the Universe, than why does feel the need to demand obedience and worship? Very stark contrast to Jesus’ message.


    Your “god” sounds like he would approve of ISIL’s methods – once again, the evil of Yahweh knows no bounds. Sounds more like the Biblical Satan than a god.

  3. Dear Cat, honest answer: because I love God, and God is Jesus. You seem to be making a difference between the God “of the Old Testament” and the God “of the New Testament”. There is no difference. It is the same God: as Jesus said “Before Abraham was, I AM”. Jesus said every letter and every scribal element on that letter would never pass away, also He said He came to fulfill the Law not abolish it. So you see Jesus is the God of the Law, the I AM. Love automatically produces worship and obedience, out of free will.

  4. Dear Cat, Yahweh is a mispronunciation of the Ineffable Name. ISIL (ISIS) is a jihadi group following Othmanic Islam, which is not the original Islam of Muhammad. Muhammad was a Nestorian Christian, who died in battle supporting the right of Jews to live in their promised land. So you can see that is exactly the opposite of what ISIL represents. Please find the details on the Bible Resources page of this site at The Amorites were driven out of the promised land because of their wickedness including the sacrifice of little children to their idols, and the land was given by God in consequence to Abraham and his seed. That is a perfectly just judgment.

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