A Fishing Vision

If the Devil can’t get you one way, he’ll get you another. So watch out! If the Devil can’t get you to reject the ministry of God’s servant prophet, Bro. William Branham, as a heresy, a cult, he’ll get you to worship Bro. Branham as God. Either way he’s got you.

This is directed to those who believe the message preached by Bro. Branham. The danger in your case is the Devil will try to get you to worship the man. Remember Bro. Branham’s message “Bruised Serpent”? Bro. Branham found people going around saying he (Bro. Branham) was Jesus Christ or God. He hit that lying spirit as hard as he could. God showed him a vision of a serpent (= lying spirit) which Bro. Branham fatally wounded, “bruised”, BUT IT SLIPPED OFF INTO SOME WATER. Water, in God’s symbol, means people and multitudes. That lying “Deity” spirit (the teaching that Bro. Branham is literally God or Christ) sneaked off among the people, awaiting its final death. Obviously it didn’t go into the anti-Branham camp, it went into the Branham people. It’s HIDING there today, lurking amongst the people. That’s why you don’t find many people saying OPENLY Bro. Branham is God, but you find plenty of people following the teaching promoted by Bro. Branham’s son, Joseph, that “Everything Bro. Branham said IS THUS SAITH THE LORD”. That is a total lie. Everything Bro. Branham said IS NOT THUS SAITH THE LORD. Some things Bro. Branham said were THUS SAITH WILLIAM BRANHAM. That doesn’t mean those things are not true, but it means THEY WERE THUS SAITH WILLIAM BRANHAM, AND NOT THUS SAITH THE LORD. If everything Bro. Branham said was THUS SAITH THE LORD then God Himself said “I make them mistakes all the time. I’m–I’m a–sure a dummy, so you forgive me.” (Questions and Answers on the Seven Seals 1963). That was THUS SAITH WILLIAM BRANHAM. Of course, it is true. I believe exactly what is on those tapes, every word. Just the same way I believe what Paul the Apostle said, every word. Sometimes Paul said, “This is me speaking NOT THE LORD”. That’s in the Bible. Exactly. Sometimes it was Bro. Branham speaking, not the Lord. That doesn’t mean that what Paul said as a man was not true. To me what Paul said IS TRUE. I will follow him as he followed Christ. Likewise what Bro. Branham said was true, and I will follow him as he followed the Lord. Don’t add or take away a word. When Bro. Branham said he was sure a dummy, that was true. God uses dummies like that to speak His Word. He specially chooses dummies and sends puffed-up intellectuals to the loony-bin.

So everything Brother Branham said WAS NOT THUS SAITH THE LORD. That is a lying Deity spirit trying to turn Bro. Branham himself into INFALLIBLE GOD. IT’S THE SAME SPIRIT THAT TRIES TO TURN THE POPE OF ROME INTO INFALLIBLE GOD. Everything on the tapes IS NOT THUS SAITH THE LORD, IT IS ACTUALLY THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, THE REVEALING OF THE SON OF MAN THROUGH A SON OF MAN. Through the fallible, weak, dummy man, Jesus reveals Himself as THE GOD-PROPHET.

William Branham’s son Joseph says the TAPES ARE HIS ABSOLUTE. But Bro. Branham Himself says in his message The Absolute that THE WORD OF GOD, THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, ARE THE ABSOLUTE. Now it’s no good saying the tapes are your absolute then saying something opposite to what the tapes say. If the tapes are our Absolute then we test the Bible by the tapes. NO, WE TEST THE TAPES BY THE BIBLE. They pass the test: every word is according to the Oracles of God. The Devil will do anything to get you off that Word of God. As he did with Eve in the garden of Eden, he will come as a messenger of light, pretending to believe the Word, but teaching something different from the Word, in order to deceive you.

What is the purpose of this Deity spirit as it operates in some of the children of Bro. Branham? Of course, if Bro. Branham is God, then his children are literally “sons of God”. Simple. Satan is using some of the NATURAL children of Bro. Branham to get people to look to them as “sons of God”. As if they have some special access to higher revelation because they ate, lived and slept with Bro. Branham. That is the flesh and the Devil. Don’t believe it. The truth is that the only secret that matters for us IS THE SECRET OF THE SEVENTH SEAL, and Bro. Branham TOLD THAT TO NO-ONE. The secret of the Seventh Seal is the secret of the Second Coming, the Rapture. Without that you won’t be in the Rapture. Only God can show you that. Bro. Branham never told anyone what God had shown him in that Seal, so Bro. Branham’s natural children can’t help you a bit. You need God. By the revelation of the Seventh Seal you will get rapturing grace to take you out of this world without dying, like the prophet Enoch before the Flood. Without that revelation, you’re going to be left here in the Great Tribulation. And the seven Thunders which are the Revelations contained in the Seals, are not some unwritten outside-the-Bible teaching, but they ARE THE REVELATIONS OF WHAT IS ALREADY WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE. The Seventh Seal is the Capstone revelation of what is already written in the Word.

Bro. Branham told us what God showed him: in the Vision of Three Pulls, he told us how God showed him how to LAND THE BIG FISH, a RAINBOW TROUT. Bro. Branham had to make three pulls, and he would get the Big One on the third pull. The Seventh Seal, Bro. Branham told us, IS THAT THIRD PULL. THE DEVIL KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT IT, AND HE WON’T. Now, notice: the THIRD PULL LANDS A FISH. I hope you remember THE BIBLE: “I will make you fishers of men”, said Jesus. This is A CONVERT OF BRO. BRANHAM, NOT A NATURAL-BORN SON, BUT A CHILD OF PROMISE, A MIRACULOUS, GOD-GIVEN, CONVERT SON. That is who “Joseph” is. As all prophets, Bro. Branham gave his own children names which represent his ministry. Isaiah the prophet called his son Shear-Jashub, meaning “The remnant will return”, a sign that a few of God’s people, after their exile, would return to the promised land. That has happened, Israel, a remnant, has returned to the land, the prophecy, symbolized by his son, has returned. That didn’t mean Shear-Jashub was anything himself in the ministry. Joseph, Bro. Branham’s natural son, was so named because he is a symbol that Bro. Branham’s CONVERT SON (the RAINBOW TROUT in the Three Pulls Vision), will be the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST IN THE RAINBOW LIGHTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Just as John the Baptist pulled in THE BIG ONE (Jesus Christ), down there in the Jordan, so Bro. Branham, with the same John the Baptist ministry, PULLS IN THE BIG ONE, JESUS CHRIST IN THE FORM OF THE ADOPTED SON, THE CONVERT-SON of the vision. Jesus is today revealing Himself through the Spirit of Adoption in His Word-Body. The overcomer of the Laodicean Church Age WILL LITERALLY BE JESUS CHRIST, transfigured into His very image at the Rapture and seated in the Throne of David in Jerusalem, NOT REPLACING JESUS BUT IN JESUS, “I in them and they in me”, as Jesus said, for ever. No natural, carnal, son can REPLACE THE SON OF GOD. VICARIUS FILII DEI spells 666, and means “THE REPLACEMENT OF THE SON OF GOD”. It is the title of the Pope of Rome. Now you might not have the name of “Roman Catholic” but you can have the NUMBER OF THE NAME. It AMOUNTS TO THE SAME THING. IT TOTALS 666.