What really happened when Jesus rose again

Originally posted: March 25 2008


The 4 Gospels, like all reliable witnesses, give their evidence in different words, because the writers saw the events of Jesus’ life from different angles. If you have got confused over “Easter”, reading the Gospel accounts of what happened, and when, on that great Sunday morning, read on. As you go down the list of events, get your Gospels and find where each event fits in the scheme. Hallelujah! Christ is alive!

1) Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James the Less, Salome and other women, bring spices to anoint the body of Jesus early on Sunday morning, while it is dark, just as day begins to break.

2) They are still on their way to the tomb, which is out of sight, when an earthquake occurs. At the tomb itself an angel descends from the sky, rolls away the great stone blocking the tomb’s entrance, and sits on it. The guards at the tomb are seized with terror, and fall to the ground like dead men. When they come to their senses, they run into the city to tell the priests what has happened.

3) The women arrive at the tomb and find it empty, the stone rolled away and no body inside.

4) Mary Magdalene runs back to the city of Jerusalem, and tells Peter and John what she has seen.

5) Peter and John run quickly to the tomb and find it as Mary Magdalene had told them. They return to their lodgings.

6) Mary Magdalene, now back at the tomb, with the women, looks inside and sees two angels, one at the head, and one at the feet, where Jesus’ body had lain. The angels ask, why are they looking for the living amongst the dead? Jesus had risen from the dead and would go ahead of the disciples into Galilee. They tell Mary Magdalene and the women to go and inform the disciples of these things.

7) The women run away. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Salome are so terrified, they fail to do as they are told, and say nothing to anyone. Other of the women go and tell the disciples what happened to them. Two of the disciples then leave to go to the village of Emmaus by foot.

8) FIRST AND SECOND APPEARANCES OF JESUS. Jesus then appears first to Mary Magdalene, and then to Mary mother of James, and greets them both, repeating the angels’ commission to them to tell the other disciples.

9) THIRD APPEARANCE OF JESUS. Meanwhile Mary remains standing opposite the tomb. This Mary is untitled, and is addressed by Jesus (later) as “woman” — the same way he addressed his mother, the Virgin Mary. The reason the Gospel of John does not call Mary here the “mother of Jesus” is that just a few verses earlier Jesus, on the cross, called Mary the mother of John the Apostle, making John take Jesus’ own place as the son of Mary (John 19. 26f.). Therefore this Mary is Mary the original Virgin mother of Jesus (See Note at the end). When Mary looks inside the tomb, she sees the two angels at the head and the feet where Jesus had lain. They ask her why she is weeping. She says, because they have taken away the Lord and she does not know where. She then turns and sees Jesus, who she thinks is the gardener. She recognizes Him when He says, “Mary”, and holds Him. He tells her not to touch Him, as He has not yet ascended to His Father. She is told to inform His “brethren” (meaning his foster-brothers, the children of Joseph, that is, James, Jude etc., called the “brethren of the Lord”) that He is raised from the dead. He tells her that Mary Magdalene is right now coming to where the disciples are and telling them these things. (This last sentence is often missed out of Jesus’ speech, because the original Greek did not include inverted commas to tell where the speech ended. Mary the mother of Jesus tells Joseph’s sons, because they are her family, whilst Mary Magdalene tells the disciples.)

10) Mary Magdalene, commissioned this time, as she has been, by Jesus Himself, tells the disciples that Jesus has risen from the dead and has appeared to her and told her these things. They do not believe her.

11) FOURTH APPEARANCE OF JESUS. Jesus then appears to Peter.

12) FIFTH APPEARANCE OF JESUS. Jesus appears to the two disciples, Clopas and his friend, on the way to Emmaus. They do not recognize Him as He is “in another form”, but finally they see who He is in the evening, when they sit down with Him to break bread.

13) They quickly return to Jerusalem to the Eleven and those with them, and the others. The others do not believe them, but the Eleven and those with them confirm that Jesus has risen indeed, and has appeared to Peter.

14) SIXTH APPEARANCE OF JESUS. Jesus then appears to the disciples, except Thomas, who is absent. He proves to them He has a physical body, and is not a disembodied spirit.

15) SEVENTH APPEARANCE OF JESUS. Eight days later, He appears to Thomas.

Note on (9). The Mary in (9) must be some Mary other than Mary Magdalene, not only for the reasons stated in (9) but also for the following reasons: Reason A) This Mary cannot be Magdalene when she first saw the angels because there is no space of time for her going and remaining silent about her vision of the angels in the tomb, as the Gospel writer Mark says she did, till Jesus Himself appeared to her and repeated the angels’ instruction to her Himself to tell the disciples (see 7 and 8); this incident in John’s Gospel shows that the Mary who stood waiting at the tomb saw the angels, then immediately saw Jesus, without any interval between. Therefore Magdalene had already seen the angels (see 6), and: Reason B) since Magdalene had already seen the angels and been told Jesus was alive, this Mary cannot be Magdalene, since she still thinks someone has taken Jesus’ body away.

The Pagan Festival of Easter

Image above: the pagan god of the Underworld snatches away the maiden Cora, AND SO LENT BEGINS


Most Christians (so-called as well as many genuine ones) will be celebrating Easter over the next few days. Do you realize this is a pagan festival?

We’ve got nothing against anybody having special festivals. The Bible says all days are the same, so a festival day is just the same as a normal day in God’s Book. What is wrong is when people start OBSERVING days and times as though they are RELIGIOUS DUTIES. Christians don’t do that.

Paul said about the backslidden Galatian Christians: “Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain” (Galatians 4:10-11). So that’s out.

Easter was invented by the Vatican cult, way back in Rome. They twisted the true Bible history of how Jesus died and rose again physically into a version of the pagan myth of the god of nature, the sun-god, who died in the winter and rose in the spring in the form of flowers and budding trees. They identified this sun-god with one of their famous pagan kings who lived in the so-called “Golden Age” just after the Flood. This evil king was called Tammuz, and he had other names like Adonis, Osiris and Dionysus. So it was easy for them to say Tammuz had “reappeared” on earth as Jesus. Now Jesus, to them, was the new sun-god. How perverted! That’s why they said Easter HAD to be celebrated on Sunday, the day of the sun-god. In fact thousands of true Christians were massacred by the Vatican cult in the Dark Ages because these true Christians REFUSED to worship their sun-god on Sunday at the Easter festival.

The sun-god Tammuz had a sister Cora who died and went into the underworld when he, her brother, arose from the dead in the spring flowers. It was a kind of “I’ll go down, when you come up” duo act. Her mother Ceres went searching for her dead daughter for 40 days, weeping and fasting. This 40-day fast lasted till the Sunday of Tammuz’ resurrection, when she finally found her daughter had died and gone to the underworld. That’s why the Vatican cult (and other so-called Christian para-church organizations who borrowed from them) fast for 40 days before Easter Sunday. That 40-day fast is called Lent. What a load of pagan garbage! True Christians have nothing to do with it. It’s not in the Bible at all.

Now there’s nothing wrong with Evangelists using these so-called Christian festival-times to pull in the unbelievers to hear the Gospel. They (the unbelievers) are not expected to know any different. They think that’s what Christianity is about, Easter and Christmas, and so on. But we true believers must expose it for what it is. Keep away from it, children of the Messiah!

Satanism works by spells (magic words and formulas) and by ceremonies (magic acts). If a person participates in these he binds himself by evil forces. That means: just to take part in a Satanic ceremony is to bind your soul in bondage to demons.

A Holy-Ghost filled Christian, of course, would never take part in such a thing, or use magic words to achieve a stated purpose. So, Satan being aware of these facts he gets Christians to take part in his Satanic rituals by deception. One trick is to invite Christians to a festival or party which is actually a Satanic ritual-feast. That’s what the Apostle Paul said the Israelites did in their Desert Wanderings — they committed idolatry just by sitting down to the feast of Baal-Peor (a Satanic idol), and by getting up after the meal and playing “games” at the party.

Paul says this about it: 1 Corinthians 10 7 “Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Notice Paul calls these backslidden Israelites “idolaters” because they “sat down to eat” and “rose up to play”. Once the Israelites got into the “party-spirit” they started to get drunk and commit fornication with the sexy-dressed girls of the worshipers of Baal-Peor. Notice it was not necessary for them actually to worship the idol physically — they just “went to the party”. Well, yes. That’s exactly what Satan does now using the so-called “Christian” festivals which were created by the pagan Vatican cult known as the “Roman Catholic Church”. He gets Christians to come to the party at his Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween festivals, which are all pagan Roman Satanic feasts dressed up with “Christian” names and titles. So in the Name of the Lord Jesus, keep away from them!

Notice how these pagan feasts were deliberately chosen to imitate, in a Devilish fashion, the ancient feasts of Israel, which happened at these same times of year:

Hanukkah = Christmas (Jewish 25th Kislev = “Christian” 25th December)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Birth of the Roman sun-god, Sol Invictus, in the depths of the Winter Underworld. So it was dated to the time of the Winter Solstice (December 25), when the sun is lowest in the sky, after which the sun increases in strength (“growing after the birth”). Please note, in this case, even the Jewish feast (Hanukkah, the feast of “lights”) was a copy of the pagan Greek festival of “lights”, the Dionysia festival, celebrating the birth of the Greek sun-god Dionysus at the Winter Solstice, and was never ordained by God in the Law of Moses. It was slipped into Judaism a couple of hundred years or so before Christ, when the Greek dictator Antiochus Epiphanes “paganized” the Temple for a few years, as prophesied by Daniel 11:30.

Purim = Valentine’s Day (Jewish 13th Adar = “Christian” 13th/14th February)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of Dead Ancestors, the “Purification” of the Parentalia, changed later into the Amburbalia or Search of the goddess Ceres for Cora. Cora was the moon-goddess of the dark winter nights who “disappeared into the Underworld” at this time of year, when the dark nights get shorter. Cora was called Despoina, “Mistress”, or Madonna, and was therefore equated with Mary, who had those same pagan titles in Romanist “theology”. Six months later, as the nights grow dark again, and the winter moon becomes more prominent, Cora “ascended” up to heaven: so likewise Mary is blasphemously said to have been “assumed” (taken up) to heaven, after a complete 6 months following the “Day of Saint Mary” (which was originally 14th February) on the “Feast of the Assumption” (August 15th).

Passover = Easter (Jewish full moon of Spring Equinox month Nisan, plus seven days = “Christian” nearest Sunday following full moon of Spring Equinox)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Megalensia, in honor of the goddess Ceres, a.k.a. Cybele, when her son, the sun-god, came into his summer phase, or, as the pagans put it, was “resurrected from the Underworld”. This was believed to have happened on the Spring Equinox, March 25. The pseudo-Christians of Rome celebrate this “resurrection” on the nearest “sun-day” (to honor the sun-god) following the full-moon immediately after the Spring Equinox.

Pentecost = Pascha Rosata or Whitsunday (Jewish seven weeks after Passover = “Christian” Whitsunday seven weeks after Easter)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of Rosalia, when the dead were celebrated with rose-garlands. The red roses were believed to be the flowers which sprouted in the spring from the earth (Underworld) where the sun-god died in winter, stained red with his blood. Dead heroes were worshiped on this day, as if they were the “flowers” of the sun-god, and the Romanist pseudo-Christians worship their so-called “saints” at this feast in a continuation of the pagan rite.

17th of Tammuz Fast of Three Weeks = Feast of John the Baptist (Jewish midsummer fast = “Christian” celebration of John the “burning light” on 24th June, 6 months before midwinter Christmas Eve Mass, 24th December)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Midsummer Solstice, when fires were lit or rolled down, for the death of Tammuz, or Mithras, or Sol, the sun-god, who fell into the Underworld then, and was mourned with fasting, as the sun begins to descend from its highest point in the sky. The Bible references to John the Baptist as the “burning light” in the Gospel of John 5. 35, who must “decrease” as Jesus must “increase” (Gospel of John 3. 30), were twisted to turn John the Baptist into the sun and light god Janus-Mithras-Sol, who “decreases” in brightness from this time on, whilst Jesus was worshiped as the sun and light god who “increases” after “being born” in midwinter. In this case, too, even the Midsummer Solstice festival of the Jews, like the Jewish Midwinter Solstice festival Hanukkah, was a pagan import into Judaism from the cult of the Babylonian sun-god Tammuz (see Zechariah 8:19, Ezekiel 8:14). You can see they are based on pagan sun-worship because they are dated to the two times in the year when the sun is highest and brightest (Midsummer), and lowest and coolest (Midwinter). By contrast, the God-ordained feasts of Israel are regulated by the moon’s movements and cycles, not by those of the sun. The backslidden Jews had these two pagan sun-festivals, but the pseudo-Christian cults multiplied such practices and filled their whole year with them.

Tabernacles = Halloween (Jewish seventh month from Spring Equinox, “Christian” likewise)

… but this so-called “Christian” feast is actually the pagan Feast of the Pantheon, of “All the Gods”, renamed the Feast of “All the Saints”. It is celebrated on the night of the 31st October/1st November, because that is when the dead sun-god’s body was believed to have been “discovered” by his lover, the goddess Ceres, that is, in the “deadness” of the winter foliage.

Satan gets the Vatican and Freemason cults to imitate the Jews in order to “replace” Israel as God’s nation, which they will never manage to do. That’s why these cults are anti-Semitic (though they deny it). Watch them today sneakily attacking Israel and all Bible-believing groups, Jewish and Christian. All true born-again Christians should have nothing to do with these heretical Vatican and Protestant-cum-Freemason cults or with their evil, Satanic festivals.

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