Woman wearing pants = spirit of sodomy

Jesus warned us that at the end of the world it would be like Sodom and Gomorrah. See Luke’s Gospel ch. 17 verses 28-30. Sodom and Gomorrah were two ancient cities which practiced sodomy (homosexuality, same-sex, “gay” stuff). Because of their evil, God destroyed them by fire. Jesus said the same would happen to the world at the end time. That’s why sodomy is being promoted right now by the wicked ones who control modern society. That sodomite, evil, spirit works on Christians and tries to get them involved in perversion so they too will come under judgment. As always, Satan first tries to get a spirit of evil to work on the people, then later he moves in stronger to get the person to practice the evil. In the case of sodomy, Satan first tries to get the person, especially Christian people, to get “in the spirit” of sodomy. You get “in the spirit” of a thing by ACTING LIKE, or ADMIRING, or TOLERATING that thing. So today, one of Satan’s main techniques is to get Christians to ACT in a sodomite spirit, by DRESSING in a way that confuses or merges the sexual roles of male and female. If Satan gets you to do that, he has already succeeded in putting on you a sodomite (uni-sex, perverted) spirit, then it won’t be long before you, or people in your company, will be affected more by that spirit, and go on to practice sodomy. Often, as Jesus said to His disciples, people ARE UNAWARE OF THE SPIRIT THAT IS WORKING ON THEM. See Luke’s Gospel ch. 9 verse 55.

So I want to let you know one of the main forms of Satan’s working right now. That is on women who wear man’s clothing. The Bible condemns this practice, and calls it an ABOMINATION. Abominations means “absolute filth”. The Bible says trousers or pants are MEN’S CLOTHING, because they are “sanctuary garments” to be worn by priests only. Only males can be priests in the Bible AND ALL MALE TRUE BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN MALES ARE PRIESTS over their households. When a woman puts on pants she is usurping the male role of priest, and GOD HOLDS HER GUILTY OF SODOMY. To read more on this and get the quotes from the Holy Bible which tell you these things, right-click and “Save As …” to download the little tract from this link.