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    presents completely FALSE and un-biblical dates for the Crucifixion
    i am a Theologian for over 52 years now, and can debunk your error any day of the week !!!

    Here are the Biblical Facts: …..
    We know from the Biblical accounts, the Historic Accounts, the Rabbinical records on the Passover dates, as well as the Astronomical Convergences relating to the vernal equinoxes, that the Crucifixion was on April 25, 31 A.D. !


    In 5. B.C. Zecharias the priest, who was of the “Eighth Order”, of the 24 “Priestly Courses” that did service in the Temple, ( known as the ‘Order of Abijah’ ) went in the Tenth week of the New year to fulfill His First Week of service. (this would have been toward the “end’ of May in 5. B.C. ) The reason being that ALL the Priests, were required to ‘Serve during the Passover/Feast of Unleavened bread, and the Feast of Pentecost, as such two Full Weeks Of Collective Priestly service must be added to the dating of their service !

    This means that, Zecharias only ‘finished’ His service some time after the beginning of the month of June, ( according to our Gregorian calendar ) that then posits, that Elizabeth his wife, Could have fallen pregnant some time between mid June to mid July of 5 B.C. !!!
    We read further in the Scriptures that Mary, who was espoused to Joseph, came to visit Elizabeth, when Elizabeth was about Six months into her Pregnancy, and Mary had at that time just become with child by the Holy Spirit ! this then points to “end of December” 5 B.C. , or “early January, 4 B.C. , for the conception of Jesus !!!

    We know from Lk.3:3 , that John the Baptist BEGAN his Ministry in the late Spring of the 15th year of Tiberius ! ( Tiberius was made “Co-Regent” with Caesar Augustus, in the month of October, 12 A.D. ) That then posits, that the 15th year of Tiberius, was 27 A.D. !!!!

    John 11:54, tells us that Jesus was at EPHRAIM, 18 miles From JERUSALEM, when He, ( as per Jn.12:1 ) Six Days BEFORE The Passover, traveled to BETHANY, (which is just outside of JERUSALEM !! If we ‘count back’ from the ‘fictitious’ FRIDAY CRUCIFIXION , six days we discover that this Journey of over 18 miles, would have been done on the SABBATH !!

    There are those who ‘speculate” that possibly THURSDAY was the date of the CRUCIFIXION !!
    This Again poses a Problem, even though the ‘traveling part’ would have been on the FRIDAY,
    as the Scriptures declare in Jn.12:12-15, that the NEXT day, (which would by such reasoning then be the SABBATH) “cut down branches” from the Palm Trees, to welcome Jesus who Rode into JERUSALEM on the Foal of a Donkey !!! Such WAS NOT PERMITTED On THE SABBATH !!!

    Therefore, the scriptural account of; “six days before the Passover”, Categorically indicates that the Passover HAD TO BE on A WEDNESDAY !!! (refuting modern theology terms, and the practice of; “Good FRIDAY”, and “Palm SUNDAY”, as they do Not fit the Biblical FACTS )


    King Herod died in B.C. 1. , (and Not B.C. 4. as FALSELY claimed by the re-writers of history)
    There was only a ‘partial eclipse” in 4.B.C. (about 35%) Whereas in B.C. 1, there was a TOTAL Eclipse !!! Also King Herod’s Schedule AFTER the Eclipse, (which is recorded in history) proves that he completed travels, and an appointment schedule that would have required about 52 to 55 days ! The time between the partial eclipse of 4 B.C. and the Passover of that year, does not allow for enough time to complete the schedule, whereas the Eclipse of 1.B.C. happened 89 days BEFORE the Passover, And plenty of time to complete the “Work Schedule”, as history records that King Herod Died After the Eclipse, and Before the Jewish Passover !!!
    This then proves that Herod commanded the Killing of the Two years and younger infants in Bethlehem sometime after September of 2.B.C., and less than 6 months Before his Own death in the late winter/ early spring of 1.B.C. !!!

    Tiberius, was made co-Regent with Caesar Augustus, in the month of October of 12 A.D. (this is a matter of historic FACT, and in the Annals of Roman History , so much for Theologians and their Ph’D s and ‘Doctorates’ ) That then proves that “the 15th year of Tiberius”, (as per Lk.3:3) refers to 27 A.D.
    The historian Phlegon write that there was a “mysterious DARKNESS” over JERUSALEM, for three hours at Passover , in the 19th year of Tiberius. (31 A.D.)
    This ‘darkness” could Not be Attributed to any Eclipse, as the Passover was 14 days AFTER the NEW MOON, , (at the time of Full Moon, when the Moon is at the Opposite side of the Earth, in relation to the Sun) There was also reported in the Historic record, that an Earthquake took place !!!


    The Rabbinical records show that from the date of 25 A.D. to 34 A.D., that only TWICE, did the Passover Fall on a WEDNESDAY, (as is the date proven from the Scriptures) Those Two times were, A.D.28 ,…. and A.D.31 !!! This is THE YEAR of the CRUCIFIXION, and on the 25th DAY of APRIL !!! (according to the Gregorian Calendar)

    The Vernal Equinoxes, and Astronomical New Moon Conjunctions for A.D.31, show that according to the “Gregorian Calendar” ;
    The Vernal Equinox, fell on a FRIDAY, March 23, @ 5 A.M., Jerusalem time !

    The astronomical New moon Conjunction, fell on a TUESDAY, April 10th, @ 2 P.M., Jerusalem time !

    The ‘First Evening’ of Visible Crescent, fell on WEDNESDAY, April 11th .

    The date of ‘FIRST Nissan’, fell on THURSDAY, April 12th .

    The 14th day of Nissan, and the Date of the Crucifixion, ( which began the Day before at SUNSET) fell on WEDNESDAY, April 25th, in 31 A.D. !!!!

    All of these different proofs, ( Biblical, Historical, Rabbinical, and Astronomical) conclude the dates of the Birth of Christ, the Death of King Herod, the Time John Began his ministry, the precise Day of the Chris’ts Riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey, and the Date of His Crucifixion as being on April 25th, 31 A.D. , are as presented Above, your argument “to the Contrary notwithstanding”

    Morgan Sorensen ( Theologian/Bible Prophecy Teacher )


    Thank you my friend for your detailed comments. However, what you claim here is “PROOF” of the dating of the Crucifixion to AD 31 is no such thing, but merely your conjectures based on an idiosyncratic interpretation of a very limited set of data. Your alleged proof is set out under three headings, Biblical, Historical, Rabbinic. Your Biblical evidence (not proof) is 1) based on a surmise about the date of John’s conception which you relate to a particular interpretation of how the priestly course of his father Zechariah worked. But you ASSUME without giving any evidence that this all occurred in BC 5, or as you put it: “this would have been toward the ‘end’ of May in 5. B.C.” This “would have been” on what evidence? None given. That discredits this item of evidence as regards the absolute dating of Christ’s ministry. 2) The second Biblical point you make is that Jesus was at Ephraim before he came to Bethany 6 days before the Passover (John 12:1). You assume, first of all this was a Sabbath, then you presume also that Jesus came all the way from Ephraim where He was previously (John 11:54) in order to arrive at Bethany, which is nowhere stated in the Scriptures. On both counts this item of evidence is discluded also. Your Historical evidence revolves 1) around the date of the death of Herod, which of course relates to the date of the birth of Jesus, but the date of Jesus’ birth (for which you give no other definite evidence), can only, if it is pinned down to a precise year (which you do not do) be used as evidence of the date of the Crucifixion. 2) Your second point relates to the years of Tiberius’ reign, for which you use as a starting-point his co-regency with Augustus, which is far from being the start of his sole reign. 3) Your third point is a reference taken out of context from Phlegon, which mentions the darkness at the Crucifixion, but you fail to point out that this 19th year of Tiberius is dated by Phlegon himself very clearly to the 4th year of the 202nd Olympiad, which is Summer AD 32 to Summer AD 33, and this not only excludes your dating but also proves the point about the date of Tiberius’ reign. Your Rabbinic evidence rests solely on your prior assumption that the Crucifixion occurred on a Wednesday, for which you then attempt to find an appropriate 14th Nisan within your chosen time-frame. This all falls to the ground if the Crucifixion did not occur on a Wednesday, and you actually give no evidence at all that it did.

    What you will find if you look dispassionately at the whole historical record is that Phlegon’s very well attested date for the Crucifixion in the 4th year of the 202nd Olympiad, proves the point, and dates it securely to AD 33, as within the period of that Olympiadic year (Summer AD 32 to Summer AD 33) only in AD 33 was there a 14th Nisan, and the 14th Nisan fell also in that year on Friday, the day before the Passover (as the Crucifixion is dated in the Scriptures) on April 3rd AD 33 Julian.

    Incidentally you may find it useful to look at the relevant data given also at this link relating to the date of the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist, the course of Abijah etc.:

  3. Catholics are claiming Peter Was first POpe
    There are two Simon, Magus and Peter,
    Who was the first POPE in ROME?
    Either Simon Magus or Simon Peter

  4. Thankyou my friend for your interest in this important Scriptural point. As you can see by reading The First Church of Rome Simon Magus was the first “father” of the first, but latterly backslidden, Pentecostal church in Rome. So in that sense he was their first “Pope” — though the word Papa or Pope wasn’t adopted till much later for the ruling bishop of the backslidden first church. Peter himself was never physically present in Rome, but his brother-in-Christ Clement was voted in as the first “bishop” (which Scripturally meant supervisor of the monetary contributions for missionary work and the poor), though that was not the position of chief elder — what we would call pastor. Clement did not take any position in the first church till later, after it backslid (in the time of Nero). The list of voted-in “bishops” (charity supervisors) of the first church began with Linus, Paul’s disciple, again before it backslid. It backslid into paganism in the days of the sixth voted-in “bishop” Sixtus, during Nero’s time. The later Christian historians only kept a record of these voted-in “bishops” because one was immediately voted in after the other in a continual list and so the record was preserved of them into later times. The spiritual “elders” were more obscure in the early time of the first church, because of persecution etc., though after the first church apostatized Clement and Hermas became in succession elders of the third church. See the timeline at

  5. This Pseudo scholar “brother” Richard’s response on July 14,2018, to my comment the day before, on the Crucifixion date as A.D.31, in which he exposes his ARROGANT Jewish Academic ‘SUPREMACY’ Attitude, by the stupid wording of my presented Historic and Biblical Facts, as quote;……..
    “conjectures based on an idiosyncratic interpretation of a very limited set of data.” Just proves what an IDIOT this Pseudo scholar’brother” RICHARD is !!
    Besides the fact that His reference to the 202 Olympiad, is a date that academics themselves disagree on , just as the date of HEROD’S death.

  6. Dear friend, thank you for the compliment of “shooting the messenger” (me), on account of your inability to controvert the very simple arguments I offered against your theories at I can only agree with you that the “wording” of your “presented Historic and Biblical Facts” was “stupid”. I do not pretend to be a “scholar”, pseudo- or otherwise, and I do not subscribe to a Jewish “academic SUPREMACY Attitude” whatever that is. I note that your background is South African. I presume and hope that you are not one of those Apartheid, Aryan-nation or Nazi types, who go round chanting “The Jews will not REPLACE us.” Which, of course, is a false-flag mockery of the very real REPLACEMENT “theology” promoted by the Vatican cult and its daughter harlot-organizations in the World Council of “Churches”.

    PS. The Date in Phlegon (Nisan 14 AD 33 for the Crucifixion) is one of the linchpins of Biblical chronology, and is rock-solid secure, as are the other Biblical linchpin dates, for example Exodus Nisan 14 1446 BC. God has ensured these dates are corroborated by solid historical, archaeological and astronomical evidence. If you have any detailed arguments against them, please put them out there, rather than resorting to vilification.

  7. Hey my name is Drew Silvernail. I was wondering if you knew if there was anywhere that i could find Irenaus against hereseys interliner coded with strongs concordance.

  8. Dear friend, shalom. Great idea but I am pretty sure there is no such thing available yet. I don’t even know of an online text of Irenaeus Against Heresies in editable format, as that would be a start, and would allow someone to run it through some software and identify the keywords, then allocate Strong’s numbers. If you find one eventually, please let me know.

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