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  1. Dear Brother Richard Dodds,

    Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Will you be so kind as to send me the math whereby you have calculated 1933 and 1977. I cannot follow your calculations right to the end to an accurate result.

    Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

    Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Your brother-in-Christ,

    Anthony Grigor-Scott

  2. Nice to hear from you and may the Lord Jesus help and guide you. PS. the reason I deleted the url to your website and the subscribe link from your comment is that, though embracing Bro. Branham’s ministry, your site has contained in the past what appear to be anti-Israel doctrines. I would be happy to restore the links if you clarify your Biblical position on this. Incidentally that doesn’t mean I feel any animosity at all towards you — I only wish you the best in Christian love.

    The math you ask for is found at the following page:

    To get correct day-to-day figures please look at the chart at the beginning of that html page which shows how the reckoning is done using Jewish sunset-to-sunset days.

    The calculation starts from the “time of placing abominable filth” on the Temple site which was a period of 630 prophetic years beginning with the Era of Destruction in AD 70 and ending in AD 691, so the marker to start from is the date in 691, that is, from the “time” or “period” of placing filth, which period was only complete in 691: “From 30 Elul AD 70 began the “time [period] of the taking away of the daily offering and of placing abomination which makes desolate,” measured in “days” (360-day years). That ran for 630 “days” till 3 September AD 691. 630 “days” happens to be precisely half the commonly attested prophetic period of 1260 “days”. Then the time of placing abomination was completed.” From that point Daniel prophesied 1290 days till the opening of the seals then 1335 days. What is shown on that page is that 1290 prophetic days from 691 takes you up to 1963 and 1335 prophetic days to 2007. But since 1290 days is an intercalary number 1260+30, reducing it to the normal calendar number of 1260 takes you to 1933 instead of 1963. Similarly reducing the 1335 days by 30, takes you to 1977 instead of 2007.

    The 1933 calculation is as follows: D) For the beginning of the era of 1260 prophetic years (= 453600 Jewish Days) till the Jewish Day 4/5 August (Gregorian), viz. sunset 4 August (= Julian Day 2427289.25) to sunset 5 August 1933 (= Julian Day 2427290.25), the MARKER of the first day is the END-POINT of that day (marking the first completed day) which falls at Julian Day 1973691.25 = sunset 3 September AD 691. I.e. nz = 2427290.5, p = 453600, pa is at n = nz – p = 1973690.5.

    The 2007 calculation is as follows: E) For the beginning of the era of 1335 prophetic years of Daniel 12. 12 till the Jewish Day sunset 7 July 2007 to sunset 8 July 2007, if the years are taken to be the usual prophetic years of 360 days each (= 480600 Jewish Days), the MARKER of the first day is the END-POINT of that day (marking the first completed day) which falls at Julian Day 1973691.25 = sunset 3 September AD 691. I.e. nz = 2454290.5, p = 480600, pa is at n = nz – p = 1973690.5. THE REFERENCE POINT on that last day is: ny = 2454289.5 = 00.00 hrs., 8 July 2007, nz = 2454290.5 = 00.00 hrs., 9 July 2007, and between these two at 2454290.25 = sunset 8 July 2007 falls the end of the last Jewish Day of the 1335 prophetic years. I.e. the last Jewish Day runs from 2454289.25 = sunset 7 July 2007 to 2454290.25 = sunset 8 July 2007.

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