From Convent to Pentecost

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The testimony of an ex-nun of the Carmelite order, Sister Charlotte Keckler: Sister Charlotte Keckler was born in 1898, and entered the convent in 1911. Between the Wars she spent 22 years in cloistered convents, then escaped, only to be recaptured and to spend another 28 months in convents till she escaped the second time. A few years thereafter, in 1945, she experienced Christian salvation, and began giving this testimony throughout the United States and Canada. For the first half of the twentieth century she was a slave to apostate religion and in the second half, she got her liberty and her vocation, helping nuns to escape the same conventual prison she had suffered in, and testifying to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Charlotte lived her last years in Napa, California, and was a faithful saint of New Life Tabernacle, a United Pentecostal Church in that city, until she received her reward in glory, September 28, 1983. Her pastor was Rev. Paul Price at the time. The full story of her life can be read in the book, “From Convent to Pentecost” dictated by Sister Charlotte to Nilah Rutledge in 1957, with the request that it would only be published after her death, and published in 1999 by Rose of Sharon Books, Box 2183, East Dartmouth, Halifax, NS, B2W 3Y2, Canada.

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