The Bergoglio Doctrine: “Sock ’em in the eye”


“Sock ’em in the eye” — Bergoglio

Bergoglio (the so-called “Pope of Rome”) comes from a violent ecclesiastical background in South America — as the Jesuits’ boss he was the main instigator in his pre-Pope days in arresting, torturing and murdering opponents of neo-Nazi dictatorships throughout the sub-continent, that is, Jews, communists, liberals and Bible-believing Protestant Christians. So it’s no surprise really he now pipes up to defend the Muslim terrorists who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacres in France. “Yeah,” he says, “Sock ’em in the eye if they criticize your religion.” He says this mainly, not because he loves Muslims, but for two more potent causes — 1) Charlie Hebdo magazine regularly mocked and still mocks him and his ridiculous Vatican cult, and 2) Muslims are anti-Jewish, like Bergoglio and his cult, so fine — support ’em if need be ‘cos they kill Jews.

Of course this has nothing to do with Christianity. Jesus said in His Sermon on the Mount: “Love thine enemies” and “Resist not evil,” “turn the other cheek.” But then what would we expect the anti-Jesus Anti-Christ to say? but “SOCK ‘EM IN THE EYE!”

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