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Textus Receptus Stephanus 1550: PDF Transcript of Original - 378 Downloads

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The Received Text New Testament in the original Greek as printed by Stephanus in 1550. This is the only literally inerrant inspired Greek text of the New Testament which was providentially preserved by God Himself for his believing children through the ages. It is presented here in standard Classical Greek script with all accents and punctuation as in the original, PDF format for easy reading/printing. PLEASE NOTE: Christian Hospitality can only guarantee the copy of the Stephanus 1550 downloadable from the above link is an authentic reproduction, letter by letter, of the original. It aims to be 100% accurate. If you spot any clerical errors, no matter how minor, please notify them to us on the Christian Hospitality Blog. Thank you. For the reasons why we follow the Received Text, go to this page:

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