Christian Hospitality Credits

Christian Hospitality does not take cash donations as such. For any amount sent to us using the cash transfer system Venmo (below) we award what we call “Christian Hospitality Credits” (one credit per dollar).

This is a way of registering your level of support for our mission. And in return we give the supporter (if in our Dallas/Central Texas mission zone) priority in our distribution of donated items, clothing, household items etc. etc., and in our collection of such items etc. etc. The higher the number of Credits, the higher the priority.

There is no obligation on our side or yours, it is a charitable and freewill expression of mutual support. Of course you may never use our services and thus your Credits will remain unused. That is your prerogative, and you may simply want to express your support, and leave it at that.

If you receive priority delivery from us or donate items with priority pickup, the number of your Credits on record will be reduced according to the level of service provided, at our discretion.

Credit Recipients are only able to view their own details (at a link with a password which will be emailed to them), not those of other Credit Recipients. This email will be sent once payment has been received through Venmo (below).

The current top priority Customer Number and Donor Number, with the current top amount of credits, in any given area, will be found at the link at the bottom of this page. You must Log-in/register to view that page (see the Subscribe/LogIn link at the bottom of the right-hand side menu or at the bottom of the mobile phone page). Until you log in, the page will come up blank. A Credit score $50 higher than the current top amount paid by Venmo (below) will replace the current top priority Customer Number and/or Donor Number in any given area. The linked Credits Record page will be updated approximately once a week.

Thank you for your support. Note: these Credits are non-refundable.

Please also fill out for our information the following details in the Form at the bottom of the page: Your Name, Contact details, amount to be paid by Venmo. (These details will remain private, and will not be published online.)

Fill out the captcha below, then check agreement box which appears next, in order to access our Venmo payment system

Lastly please fill out these details, so we have a notification of your credit payment:

Link to Credits Record: Top Credits Record Page.
(Please note: unless you are logged in, the link will come up blank. See the Subscribe/LogIn link at the bottom of the right-hand side menu or at the bottom of the mobile-phone page.)