From Convent to Pentecost

Chapter 26


Peter warned us that in the last days preceding Christ’s return to rapture his church, ‘Ye shall see signs in the heavens above and signs in the earth beneath, blood and fire and vapour of smoke.’ Remember, when this was prophesied there were no airplanes, submarines or jets with which to fight a bloody war in the skies as well as under water. The stage is now set for Christ’s return. Jesus warned of how one nation would rise against another, and perplexing problems would surmount until heart trouble would reach an all time peak because of fear of the present and coming events.

This is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Surely Christ’s coming is at hand. If ever a scripture made my heart beat doubly fast with fear it was when I read an account of an impending war, yea the most horrible war of all. We are warned blood will run in the streets as high as the horses’ bridles. This is a war that will involve both politics and religion, the beast and the harlot spoken of in Revelation.

There’s also the warning of juvenile delinquency, of parents and children at enmity with one another, and turning love into hatred and finally into murder in Mark 13:12.

In our convent we were prepared for an attack of the enemy. Moreover we were prepared for war, religious or political. I well remember the many large, heavy boxes that arrived at the convent. We were instructed to place them in a dry storeroom under the ground. It was a long time, perhaps years, before I learned what those boxes, stacked and stored so neatly, contained. I found out we concealed shipments of ammunition and arms. Since we Nuns were never trained to fire a gun, I judged they were not to ward off an attack on the convent. Why were they there? I never learned the answer. We were never told. I do have my suspicions.

In the convent war already began, that is, in our hearts. And that war was carried out in the most savage and grotesque forms of punishment, and resulted in plenty of blood, rape, knifing, imprisonment and even murder. However, this was the form of a single combat in their own style with the innocent and untrained being drenched in their own blood. The Mother Superior and the Priests came out victoriously and more than conquerors.

I remember when Sister Francis, condemned for some wrong, was ordered to Mother Superior’s bedroom, as she alone had a nice, soft bed. As mentioned previously, we Nuns only had a slab of wood for a bed. In Mother Superior’s room, Sister Francis was ordered to lie down on the bare springs. The feather bed was placed on top of her. Then a priest, four Nuns, including the writer who was compelled to, and the Mother Superior, got on that little thing and stomped her to death.

I remember it took a lot of stomping before the last moan escaped her lips. I also remember how I tried not to stomp too hard. I didn’t want to hurt her, but had I refused they would have likely given me the same treatment. Besides, some other Nun would have taken my place and helped to kill her.

After Sister Francis drew her last breath, we lifted the feather bed from her squashed body. Her eyelids were not closed. Death didn’t favor us in that. Those glassy, wounded eyes seemed to accuse us although they were dead and immovable.

I thought surely we could now be discharged and go to some other convent duty. But, no, neither the priest nor the Mother Superior wanted their hands to come into contact with her defiled, rebellious soul, and lifeless body. Therefore we Nuns removed her habit. We dared not be wasteful and extravagant by having home a Nun with her habit on, and took her to the lime-pit. There we sprinkled her body with lime and chemicals to eat the flesh and leave no stench.

I had but one ambition when I first came out in to the world after having escaped the Convent. I wanted to work and save every dime possible to buy enough dynamite and blow up every convent I could get to. Bitterness and revenge filled my heart. Yet at the same time, my heart yearned for those little Nuns who were not as fortunate as I in escaping. I felt I would be doing them a favor giving them sudden death rather than long years of torture and continual suffering. Thank God, He saved me and removed all the bitterness. Now, instead of dynamite, I would love to tell everyone, including Mother Superior and the priests, of Christ’s saving grace.

A War Correspondent wrote of atrocities in Colombia. In the Convent there was a secret war — secret as far as the world was concerned, for our newspapers never carried such accounts, was waged.

Dry Wind, a book born out of the atrocities committed in Colombia, was published in Argentina. You are not likely to read the book in Spanish as I did. The following translation from the Latin American Evangelist shows the depths of depravity and cruelty to which men have fallen in the name of religion. The author, Daniel Caicedo, a medical doctor, wrote of the village priest blessing the dead and dying of the massacre of hundreds of citizens in the villages of Ceylan. He described the priest’s “fervent mystical look as an officiator at a sacred rite.” Yes, a sacred rite — as eyes, tongues and hearts were cut out from the still suffering victims. He gave an eyewitness account of the death of believers in Jesus Christ.

No more than ten of us remained alive from Andinopolis an La Primavera. They fell upon these towns which have been converted to the gospel and demolished them. It was horrible. I took refuge in a chicken house from which I saw the assassination of Pastor Davidson and the family that worked for him. The servant and two little girls were mistreated by about twenty policemen. Afterwards they buried their bayonets in them. Since the mother was pregnant they knifed her in the stomach taking out the six month fetus. “

Pastor Davidson on his knees with his hands tied was forced to watch them in their crimes. With his eyes turned toward Heaven He implored the Lord Jesus to give him strength.

His lips repeated the Twenty-Third Psalm, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’

A machete cut open his face from ear to ear. The policeman shouted, ‘Long live Christ the King! Long Live the Conservative Party!’ The victim did not let one sound escape. His only expression was in his eyes. The police conscious of this fact. pierced the eves until they fell out. The saint continued on his knees in a pool of blood. Other police intervened and beat him with their belt buckles. The saint fell face to the ground, and the detectives and policemen began to jump on him No one knew when he actually died. However when they took and crucified him, blood no longer flowed from his wounds.”

If you could have seen the fervor with which those Christians died. You would realize that their Lord Jesus Christ had not abandoned them in those moments. They were burned alive and tied to trees with wire and wet down with gasoline. The pain must have been tremendous. Yet there was not a word of blasphemy. There were some shouts of desperation, and once in a while you heard the name of Christ. Some helped to strengthen others.”

Now let me quote to you what was said about religious strife in Colombia recorded in the Daily News of Bangor. Maine.

[A Church official — ed.] …appealed tonight to religiously torn and strife-.stricken Colombia to ‘Turn to Christian brotherly love in this grave moment of your history.’ …leaders in Colombia protested for more than a year over the acts of violence against their missionaries. They have blamed the Colombian government, the …Hierarchy and the Conservative Party for allowing these incidents to occur. Their government has replied that it deplores religious strife but cannot guarantee protection if they persist in trying to win converts in what is officially a… [“Church”— ed.] country.”

Russia with its Kruchevs and Lenins wanted dominion over the entire world. Hitler had his gas chambers in Auschwitz and Dachau. Stalin and Kruschev had their prison and labour camps in the Siberian desert while slave labor camps (camouflaged as Convents) exist throughout the world.