From Convent to Pentecost

Chapter 24

Superintendent of Hell — The Devil

The Lord has nothing good that the Devil does not have a counterfeit for. Job wrote that when God called a conference, His sons appeared to receive their instructions. But who else came along? The nosy, old Devil. When asked for his report, he chuckled and said, “I’ve just been walking up and down going to and fro in the earth.” That’s one time the Devil told the truth. He hadn’t missed a place in the whole earth. I thought he spent most of his vacations in our convent, for who could inspire such heinous, inhuman forms of penance and suffering but Satan, himself?

For instance, let one of your small children tell a lie or talk out of turn. You might spank him or even wash out his mouth with soap for lying, but Mother Superior had something better than soap: Red cayenne pepper! A dose of one spoonful as instructed by the Mother Superior almost lifted the top off our heads. And we felt it clear down to our toes. The Devil must have walked up and down through the earth seeking recruits of Hell. When he reached our convent and conversed with Mother Superior, she offered him her assistance by telling him, “I have various ways of torturing and burning these Nuns so as to give them a foretaste of that Lake of Fire called Hell.”

One day she had me stripped to my waist and then proceeded to place a mustard plaster on my back. The plaster consisted of dry mustard and warm water that formed a soft paste. It was well spread from neck to waist and from shoulder to shoulder, so that I could receive the full benefit of it. I put my clothes over the plaster and continued my duties as usual. Need I tell you that I burned as though someone had set my back on fire? Anyone knows if they leave a dry mustard plaster on themselves for any length of time, the pain of arthritis and neuritis will probably subside, but another pain will arise from the burning flesh. I was really blistered when I undressed for bed at the end of the day.

We also were given a dark, leather vest. The inside of it was covered with prickly wires. Before we dressed in our complete habit, the wire vest was placed on our bare skin and we continued throughout the day as usual. This vest affected the whole body. Not only were we in pain by the wires having pierced into our flesh, but it was nerve-racking. With every twist or movement of the body the tiny wires clawed and dug into our skin. Though the wounds were superficial, the continued scratching agitated every nerve. Forms of penance like this led to the disease of neurosis because the whole nervous system became disarranged.

However, the above penance was mild compared to the water treatment, previously written in a former chapter, where each drop of water fell in the same spot of the brain until the eyes crossed and some went mad.

One thing about the devil, that old slough-foot, he is the same in China as in America. His tactics in the Orient are very similar to those in the Convent. One of our dear missionaries who spent forty years in China is now aged and in retirement on the west coast as of this writing. However, not only because of her heart and age, but because of the Communistic regime, she was forced to turn to America. Nevertheless, her dear Chinese Christians continued to send her reports. They were somber and heart-rending indeed. Some of the Chinese Christians have been shot down in cold blood. Others have been tortured by degrees by the Communists. Some have turned up missing because they would not give up Christ.

One report told of certain Chinese saints who were placed in wooden boxes with just the torso in the box. The arms, legs and head protruded through the holes cut specifically for that purpose. Then the communists took starved white rats and placed them in the same box with the Christians. You can imagine what happened. Those rats gnawed on those living bodies until they bled and then died. What an awful way to die, bite by bite. Screaming, begging and crying did not help. This was their penalty for embracing Christianity.

In the same report she was told how other Chinese Christians were held by the Communists while a soldier poured red, hot, molten lead down their throats. They would heat the lead until it turned from cold metal to a fiery liquid substance. Then they opened their mouths by force and poured. This suffering was limited, however, because death came very quickly. Not so with the boxed Christians eaten by starved rats. Suffering would tarry away for hours, and they would wait for the top layer to be eaten and then the second. Finally the vital organs were devoured before death claimed them.

How grateful I am, after having been in a convent and saw the Mother Harlot and the Tiber fulfilling Revelation’s prophecy, to be delivered from the convent. I came out to shockingly find a world fighting against, and at the same time, embracing the beast of Communism (Revelation 17), for a judgment in which God the righteous Judge shall judge the world (Acts 17:31).

Mother Superior will account to God for the little Nuns backs that she burned with a red, hot poker, and those who were flagellated, tortured and buried in a lime pit. The Communists will also account for the whipping, the water treatment on the brain and the diets of hot, molten lead fed to the Christians.

The Communists say there is no hereafter, neither Heaven nor Hell. The proclamation of the existence of purgatory was made in the year 1438 AD. The devil is the instigator and the propagator of both doctrines. The Communist doctrine of eternity causes men to be as cruel as Leo the Lion-hearted, with no guilt or shame, neither to fear any repercussion nor judgment. The latter doctrine causes men to refuse the benefits of Calvary or to seek the New Birth, as did Nicodemus. Therefore, they live in sin until death knocks at their door, depending upon the priests and payments for masses to get them out of Purgatorial fires into Heaven.

November is Purgatory Month. Millions of dollars pour through the coffers for priests to say mass to release those poor souls from the burning inferno. At the “Church,” and especially in the convent, the picture of Purgatory with its flaming, cleansing fires is continually held before our eyes as a warning. Thank God that neither the Apostles nor our Lord ever taught of Purgatory. It was just the opposite.

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27).

At the judgment, Revelation 20:11-15 reads that the dead, both small and great, will stand before God to be judged out of the books. Death and Hell (or the grave), and all those whose names are not found written in the book of Life, will be cast into the Lake of Fire. In the tenth verse of the same chapter, is described Hell’s main occupants, and the Devil is at the head of the list. So, my friend, don’t let the Devil deceive you by impressing on your mind that if you’re not ready to meet God when you die, the Purgatorial fires will cleanse your heart, and then you can go onto the Presence of God. There is no Purgatory. Do not let the devil slip over to the other side of the fence, either, and convince you there is no judgment day.

While we were on vacation with friends, we visited Yellowstone National Park. I was awestruck with the unusual as well as the magnitude and the magnificence of that Park. I was both amused and shocked at the bear and deer that strolled by the rustic, log cabins. However, nothing fascinated nor enthralled me as much as the geysers of water, boiling rapidly as a tea kettle emitting steam and foam from the bowels of the earth. Other geysers intermittently shot or propelled forcibly upward their seething, hot liquid until it reached hundreds of feet in the air, such as the famous Old Faithful geyser.

I stood on that Wyoming soil and reasoned within my mind that there had to be a heat to cause such water to boil. And fire makes heat. Then I reviewed the Holy Scriptures. “Hell from beneath,” of which wrote Solomon and Isaiah. There is the Rich man who was tormented by the flames in Hell who lined his eyes to paradise and cried for a drop of water according to Dr. Luke. Mark wrote of Hell where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.

The Bible plainly warns us of the great Judgment. If we have chosen to follow Satan on earth and have refused the Christ of Calvary, and our names are not found in the Book of Life, then we will have to spend eternity with our leader, Satan, in Hell. But it will have been our own choice.

Paul made his choice for Christ. Therefore, when facing death he cried:

The time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day.”

Paul wrote in behalf of the born-again, blood-washed child of God as well as of himself in Philippians 1:23:

having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ. “

Now look to John the Beloved as he wrote what Jesus told him.

In my Father’s house are many mansions.. I go to prepare a place for you. …I will come again, and receive you unto myself that where I am, there ye may be also.”