From Convent to Pentecost

Chapter 18

Death March

Now and then a little Nun decided she no longer wanted to remain a Nun in the cloister. When she broke the news to the Superior, she was told to go into a certain room and get on her knees and tell God just how she feels. Having felt she was alone, she made a general confession to God, then she confessed her innermost thoughts. She was not told, nor had she any idea, that the room had been wired so that her superiors heard every word.

All of a sudden she heard a voice. She heard her name called, and the voice from out of space spoke, “I am God.” Little did this Nun realize that the voice was that of a priest and not God.

He told her to walk to a certain room. She went, but she never returned.

She was picked up and placed in one of the three vats that was six feet long, four feet wide and four feet deep. It had a machine much like a food grinder on one end and on the other end there was a funnel that led to a river beneath the convent. Here the little Nun’s body was pulverized then flushed through the funnel into the cold river beneath the Convent.

Why did she have to meet with such hellish torture and cruel death? She was tortured and killed because she complained and rebelled against the Convent and her Superiors. She made up her mind to leave the place, but they changed her mind. These vats were also used to destroy unbelievers or heretics.

Across from the convent stood a building called the Waxatorium. All the figures there were made of wax. If you entered you would have seen the likenesses of a Nun and two priests. One priest held a poker that was placed into the furnace until the end was fiery red with heat to the eyes of the Nun. An ex-priest explained that she was being punished for disobedience for having refused those priests.

I, too, wondered why these figures of wax, so revealing to the world, were ever made. No doubt they were fashioned and designed for convent eyes alone, as a warning to other Nuns. When the Government made the surprise attack, this was also taken and placed in the Museum for the world to see.