From Convent to Pentecost

Chapter 11

Communism Versus Religious Bondage

When I first left the convent, I read about the evil force of Communism. I read about the brainwashing of our soldiers upon their capture. Such an experience made one go for days without sleep. Through endless interrogation, the mind was tortured as well as the body.

When thorough brainwashing had been completed, an American boy would have stood before his own mother and denied her. He would have appeared before the American chiefs of war and have declared that he hated America and capitalism. He would have praised communism, upholding the philosophy of Marx and Lenin. Had he truly been converted? No. He had been brainwashed. He had been changed into another person.

So it was in the Convent. Our names were changed and all identification was taken away. We were taught to hate father and mother for the love of God. There would be many Nuns who would defend this system. They would choose death rather than liberty even though they had wasted away until they were mere skeletons showing the print of their teeth through their cheeks. Their eyes would be back in their heads leaving large hollows.

Why would many Nuns not choose liberty? Take the example of the eagle that was chained all its life. One day the chain was removed. Did it move? Did it fly and soar above the clouds? No. It had been captivated and bound too many years. It continued to stand in the same cliff, the only home it knew and felt secure in. The white, feathery clouds and the spacious blue sky that could have been its flying world were far too high for its imprisoned mind. The carcass of a kid goat lay on the ledge of the cliff below, but the journey downward was far too precipitous. The chain of the years had bound the eagle both soul and body.

When the Government of Mexico ordered all their convents opened and every Nun taken out, some of those Nuns begged for death. Some wailed, “But where shall we go? What shall we do? We have no home but the convent.” After all, we must realize that some were aged. Their lives debauched by lustful priests. Freedom in an outside world that they hadn’t seen since a child caused a hysteria of fear.

Some old Nuns were found in the deep recesses of a cloistered convent almost twenty years after the convents were opened. They had never left and the law had never found the secret underground rooms all those years.

One converted Open Order Nun was speaking in Los Angeles. She told how God had delivered her from a Convent and saved her to save others. She was a very stalwart, husky woman and seemed strong enough to wage a battle with any priest. She had crossed into Mexico and came into contact with a couple of old Nuns who were still in hiding.

She told of helping to carry each one to her car from a certain mountain cave. One complained of her neck hurting. Upon investigation she found a worm burrowed deep in her neck, much like the men experienced in prisons in Russia. She felt led of the Lord to take those old Nuns down a certain road. Sure enough she found a light in a certain house. When they halted, a dear saint of God came out and said, “Bring them in. I’ve been praying to the Lord, and the Lord told me that you were coming.”

I wonder what has happened to hundreds of Nuns who were forced to leave the Mexican convents. Are they in some underground cave? Have they been shipped to convents in some foreign country across the waters? Only God knows the answer, that is, aside from the poor, forsaken Nun.

Brainwashing has become a common expression in our vocabulary since World War II. However, the world links it only to the Communists. We immediately think of Russia, Red China, and Hungary, etc But let me paint a picture in your mind of this horrible crime in a Closed Convent where I was an eye-witness.

I have seen a little Nun strapped to a chair under a fountain of water. The faucet would be turned on to allow one drop o£ water at a time to fall on her head, the most vital part where the brain is located. This would continue for hours before she was released. I have seen some Nuns whose eyes became crossed. Others went raving mad and were placed in chains in the dungeon below, while others crumpled to the floor when released.

I’ve also seen a red rubber cap very similar to an ordinary bathing cap placed on a Nun for punishment. In a minute and a half she was on the floor writhing and foaming at the mouth like a mad dog. If left on for over three minutes, she was a corpse. I cannot describe the mechanism of that cap as I never had the privilege of inspecting it. But I have worn it and it felt like a thousand wires were piercing my brain. The mental torture was excruciating.

Convents are un-American, ungodly, inhuman and horribly corrupting. The Siberian labour camps cannot equal the Convents that have enslaved beautiful young girls, tortured their brains, broken their bodies, subjected them to the lusts of evil priests, and buried them in lime pits.