An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages by William M. Branham

An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages

By William Marrion Branham

Setting forth a detailed study of the Seven Church Ages and the various major doctrines contained in Revelation, Chapters One through Three.


Though this volume will concern itself with various major doctrines (such as the Godhead, Water Baptism, etc.) found in Revelation, chapters One through Three, its main theme is the setting forth of a detailed study of the Seven Church Ages. This is necessary in order to study and understand the rest of the Revelation, for out of the Ages come the Seals, and out of the Seals come the Trumpets, and out of the Trumpets come the Vials. Like the first burst of a Roman candle, the Church Ages come forth with a mighty initial illumination, without which there could be no further light. But once the brilliance of the Seven Church Ages is given by Divine revelation, light upon light follows, until the whole of the Revelation opens wide before our wondering eyes; and we, edified and purified by its Spirit, are made ready for His glorious appearing, even our Lord and Saviour, the One True God, Jesus Christ.

This composition is set forth in the first person as it is a message from my heart to the hearts of the people.

Particular pains have been taken to capitalize all names and titles, nouns and pronouns, etc., that relate to Godhead, and also the words Bible, Scripture, and the Word, as we hold this only proper in speaking of the majesty and Person of God and His Holy Word.

I pray the blessing of God upon each reader; and may illumination by the Spirit of God be each one’s special portion.

William Marrion Branham