purple lightening top left to bottom R.jpg

purple lightening top R to bottom L(1).jpg



purple lightening top R to bottom L(1).jpg

Problems !




red lightening right to bottom.jpg

yellow top L to both bottom R.jpg                  


Snoopy on phone.Ears straight up




 WHAT  Problems ?


cookie jar.

long cookie. Chocholate swirlYou can either PANIC

                                                                                Or go MANIC

                      But you'll feel much better you see,              

pink cookie.jpg

  smartie cookie.jpgIf you go to the larder

      And search a little harder,

pink heart.jpg

                              Find some cookies

                              And make some tea  :) 



it's cookie time.jpg

yellow sprinkles cookie

       snoopy On kennel  eating  cookie            

choc chip.jpg           



green cookie.jpg


better c hoc chip.jpg


smartie cookie.jpg

3 red heart cookies.jpg



long cookie.jpg

gingerbread heart.jpg

long cookie.jpg

yellow sprinkles.jpg

pink cookie.jpg


2 x vhoc chip.jpg

cup of tea with choc chip cookies



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