bare bones html.jpg

                       "Got any Meaty Bones ? "                                  

white abc.jpg

"My Kinda Alphabet"

big blue board with complicated Math

 "Ooooo,  think it's time for dinner. "

Thnk bubble with bone inside


"Snack Time"                                                                                    "Dinner Time "

think bubble with cooked chicken inside

colorful catapillar body making 1 to 10

"1 to !0 =  10 min till Dinner time"

black and white snoopy sitting at table


  I Can Think


I'm Not as Stable ,

As a table,

But I'm Not as thick

You See ,


'Cos a table's made

Of 'Two Short Planks'

But I've got a brain

Tee Hee !


"This is a very nice squiggly wiggly line"

Red calculus chart




 "This is a 45 degree triangle "

slice of pepperoni pizza

circle divided into 4 quaters  " This is an example of how to cut a Pizza,  

3/4 for Me & 1/4 for you . Good Plan ! "


numbers 1 to 9 made with bones

"OK,  I Agree , Order 9 Pizzas Please "

alphabet of bones

 "Lots of Fast Food,  Gonna dig a Hole "


 A blackboard full of complicated Math

 "Oooooo  It's Definitely Bed Time NOW ! "


steak dinner plate,+french fries & veg

" Gotta have my  Brain Food First  ....YUMMY " 


Snoopy & woodstock laughing saying Tee Hee


sheep jumping.jpg

Zzzzzz  Zzzzzz  Zzzzzz



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