My Friend 'HUMP'!



  There once was a Camel,

  Whose name was HUMP

  He was as CUTE as CUTE as could be,

  His eyelashes were so very very long,

  It's a wonder he could see,



  When drinking water he curled his lips,

  Taking GALLONS at a time,

  He didn't care when people stared,

  Oh I'd like him to be mine ! 



  He moved his mouth from side to side,

  Eating anything in his way,

  From paper plates or burger buns

  Or simply regular hay,




  He always was a  'Happy Chap' !

  No matter where he went,

  His legs to me didn't seem quite straight,

  In fact they looked quite bent  ! 



  I'm told that's how they usually are,

  And one KICK from him could send you far,

  So it's always best to treat him good,

  Cos he's not stupid and he knows you should,



  So if you're a 'Yob' don't mess with him'

  Unless you want to end up  IN THE BIN   !








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